2015 Pro Wrestling Predictions

As seen through 2014, the only thing predictable about professional wrestling is it can be completely unpredictable. Here are fifteen predictions that could make 2015 another historic year in sports entertainment. 


History will repeat itself when Daniel Bryan wins the WWE World Heavyweight title at a big event (in this case “Wrestlemania 31”) only for The Authority’s hand picked champion (in this case Seth Rollins) to cash in his Money in the Bank contract and win the title from Bryan before he can leave the arena.


Seth Rollins Money in the Bank

Seth Rollins banking on the golden briefcase


Dolph Ziggler will finally break through the top tier “glass ceiling”, being a part of at least three pay-per-view/special event main events.


The Undertaker will not wrestle in 2015.


Zack Ryder and Hornswoggle will avoid the yearly post-“Wrestlemania” “Future Endeavored” list.


Kevin Owens will defeat old friend and enemy Sami Zayn to win the NXT title in a “Loser Must Leave NXT” match; thus giving Zayn to platform to be added to WWE’s main roster.



Two men destined to fight for all eternity


TNA will not die in 2015.


MVP will do what he couldn’t in 2014 by becoming the TNA World Heavyweight champion.


MVP TNA World champion

The new gold standard in TNA


A new team will emerge in TNA featuring two former TNA champions that will become the dominant force in TNA’s Tag Team division.


Kurt Angle will only wrestle two times for TNA in 2015.


Global Force Wrestling will find a television home before the year’s end where the first GFW champion will be crowned during the company’s first TV taping.


The success of New Japan Pro Wrestling’s “Wrestle Kingdom 9” will encourage the company to air its annual “King of Pro Wrestling” event on pay-per-view in October.



Tanahashi (left) and Okada – the poster boys of New Japan


Alberto El Patron will main event at least three ROH events including ROH’s “Wrestlemania” weekend show.


ROH will do another joint promotional event before the year’s end similar to their “Global Wars”/“War of the Worlds” events alongside New Japan Pro Wrestling last year that will air on pay-per-view.


Three independent wrestling promotions host critically acclaimed internet-based pay-per-view events.


The SHIMMER title will change hands by the end of the October tapings while the SHIMMER Tag Team title belts will find its way onto a pair of new waists during the “Wrestlemania” weekend event, “SHIMMER Volume 71”.


Nicole Matthews SHIMMER champion

Will Nicole Matthews (left) make it out of 2015 like she entered the year?


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