Age of the Fall vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico

Background: After a year of chasing after the ROH World Tag Team Championship and being cheated out of the gold by The Age of the Fall’s Tyler Black & Jimmy Jacobs, the duo of Kevin Steen & El Generico got one last shot at becoming ROH champions during a ROH pay-per-view.



September 19, 2008

Boston, MA


Age of the Fall vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico



No honor to start this one with the challengers beating the champions out of the ring. Jimmy Jacobs was visibly hurting from a senton splash he took from Austin Aries through the table earlier in the evening. Jacobs quickly lured El Generico into his corner, tagging in Tyler Black. Generico did the same to Black as Jacobs did to him, bringing in “Mr. Wrestling”. Black stopped the power of Kevin Steen by putting him in a headlock. Kevin, showing that amazing agility, kipped out of an arm bar; forearming Black in the face before tagging out to Generico. The fans were thoroughly against the champs, booing anything they did. Generico gave them a reason to cheer as he had both men bouncing. Steen came in, focusing on Jacobs’ back before taunting Black by mocking Jacobs and his hurt body. “The Generic Luchador” helped drop toe hold Jimmy into Steen’s somersault leg drop. Steen helped Generico by power bombing the masked man on top of Jacobs. Black was able to get a shot in on the running Generico, distracting him long enough for Jacobs to recover and clothesline his staggered opposition to the mat. Black tagged back in, trying to grounded the fast Generico. El Generico slipped around Black, utilizing a belly to back suplex on Black before tagging out.

Steen forearmed & kicked Black down. Steen was aware of Jacobs at all times, telling Generico to do the same when Generico reentered as the legal man. Generico didn’t do a good job of it, getting stuck on the top rope by Jacobs. Generico chopped Jimmy Jacobs away, jumping off the top. Black, showing some impressive power, caught Generico before slamming him over the top to the floor! The champs just double punched Generico as he lay on the mat, infuriating Steen. Jacobs made sure to keep his back to Steen to prevent Generico from tagging out. Black got involved in it, helping Jacobs make a wish on Generico’s groin. “The Masked Luchador” was in bad shape as Black tossed him to the floor, allowing Jacobs to get in some cheap shots as Steen tried to inform the ref of the illegal actions. Generico tried to fight back, but was taken down by the now legal Jacobs. Jacobs held Generico to the mat after a double stomp-senton splash combo, causing Steen to turn the referee’s attention from Black – who whipped Generico into the steel guardrails. The fans began the, “Ole!” chant to get the hurt challenger going. Generico took that supportive energy, slamming Jacobs into the guardrails prior to avoiding a plancha by Black. Generico slipped into the ring, tagging in Steen, who somersaulted atop both champions before power bombing Jacobs on the ring’s edge. “Mr. Wrestling” pitched Black in, hitting the pumphandle neck breaker for a two count. Steen ran to the top for the moonsault, only for Black to move and tag out. Jacobs ran in, locking in the End Time. Before Steen could submit, Generico yakuza kicked Jacobs and allowed Steen to roll the champ up for another two count. Black kicked Steen in the back of his head into Jacobs’ spear. Black flew off the top, frog splashing Steen … for a near fall!

Black wanted to superplex “Mr. Wrestling,” but Steen knocked him down. Jacobs took Black’s spot, only to get knocked down, too. Black stopped Steen before he could fly, and so did Generico to Tyler. Generico caught Jacobs with the yakuza kick after propelling Black onto Steen’s shoulders. Steen gut-busted Black in position for the Swanton Bomb. Generico followed up with the superfly splash for another two count. Once again, the fans proclaimed that the referee made a three count. Steen continued, hooking Black for the Package Piledriver. Black stopped him with God’s Last Gift … to gain another near fall due to Generico breaking up the pin!

Black ran to the top for the Phoenix Splash. Steen moved, allowing Generico to yakuza kick the stumbling Black. Generico hooked Black for the top turnbuckle Brain Buster, but Jacobs stopped the masked man. Black got underneath Generico for an assisted Contra Code. Generico fought through the potential devastation, knocking Black into the corner for Steen’s cannonball the challenger used to transition his opponent into a sharpshooter. Generico took Jacobs to the floor as Black struggled to hold on. Steen cranked down on the sharpshooter. Before Black could submit, Jacobs slipped in, clawing Steen in the face. Jacobs tagged in as Generico did the same. Generico suplexed Jacobs on his head, but ran into the End Time when looking for a follow up attack. Generico fought through the submission; causing Black to clothesline Jacobs. Steen ran in, super kicking Black into Generico’s yakuza kick. Generico pitched Jacobs into the Package Piledriver. Steen rolled through his finisher, pushing Jacobs into Generico’s Brain Buster to get the three count to become the new Tag Team champions. The crowd erupted as Steenerico were handed the belts.


Winner: Kevin Steen & El Generico (20:27)


Is It A Classic: What a fantastic match! From bell-to-bell, these two teams kept the fans frenzied with one of, if not the best tag matches of 2008 anywhere. A hot crowd, great teams, two hot tags, and a very cool win definitely makes this one a classic.

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