Appreciating Talent

“Everyone has talent. What’s rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads.” – Erica Jong



In a society where it has become commonplace to hear the words, “You are special,” the fact is many people refuse to find out what makes them special, let alone emphasize it in their daily lives. There is truth to that aforementioned quoted statement, though; we are all special because we all have some kind of unique talent that no one else has. It’s that one (or possibly more) special, innate trait(s) that can help you grow in ways almost unimaginable. But the battle to accept your talents and use them to the fullest is usually associated with a mental war than a physical confrontation. The chance that you’ll be torn down by others and eventually your own mind is greater than being celebrated and built up. The “useless” feeling can overtake what’s true and hinder a person’s excellence even when it’s not true at all.

It’s so easy to take your talents for granted and take the easy road, but that isn’t the path toward experiencing a fulfilling life. Step into the world without fear and anxiety, but with the knowledge that you can do something great if you appreciate your abilities and utilize them wisely.

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  1. vickie bullock

    Well said, bravo!

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