Avoidable Anger

“Anger is never without a reason, but seldom with a good one.” – Benjamin Franklin


One of the most crude, almost elementary emotions known to us is anger. Anger is something we’ve all experienced before we even knew what the feeling was. As babies and children, we would become angry when things didn’t go our way. That piece of candy or that toy we wanted, but wasn’t provided to us caused a great annoyance that bubbled inside of us before exploding in a spiteful fit.

For many, the benefits of age haven’t subdued this almost infantile action. For others, anger is a part of life that one would imagine couldn’t be avoided. But just like that baby not getting what he or she wants creating an irritable moment, the source of our anger is usually over something petty and insignificant.

It’s in those heated moments where something so unimportant can create hard feelings and bad memories; a point in time where there’s no going back if you’re not careful. At that point, one must take a step back and ask, “Is this worth getting upset over?”

More than likely, the answer will be a resounding, “No!”

Anger isn’t an emotion we can avoid, but it’s something we can control. And just like the emotion, the situation that can create harsh feelings might be in our power to control. By calming your mind and thinking of potential consequences, you can avoid a moment you’ll regret.

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