Bobby Fish vs. Kyle O’Reilly

Background: In the first match in EVOLVE wrestling history, the future reDRagon had a singles contest to hopefully kick off the event in grand fashion.


Evolve 1

Rahway, NJ

January 16, 2010


Bobby Fish vs. Kyle O’Reilly



Kyle O’Reilly had to forearm his way out of a wristlock off the opening tie up. It didn’t keep O’Reilly in an advantageous position because Fish easily dropkicked him off a rebound from the ropes. Kyle ended up slapping the wrist of Fish anytime Bobby had a grip of his own to free himself. Kyle rushed Fish in the corner, only for Bobby to move and send O’Reilly shoulder first into the steel ring post. When Kyle fell, so did the EVOLVE stickers attached to the post. Fish quickly downed Kyle when he got to his feet with a somersault plancha from the corner. Fish used a forearm-exploder suplex combo when the action returned to the ring. Diving head-butt by Fish only helped him attain a two count. Kyle struggled to his feet, throwing a slew of knees before leg sweeping Fish. Fish ducked a clothesline, hitting a neck breaker.

O’Reilly shook it off, hitting two rolling butterfly suplexes before drilling Fish with a double arm DDT. Fish kicked out before the three count. Kyle kicked Fish in the back off a snap mare, angering his opposition. Fish threw a sick kick toward Kyle’s chest, leading to a kick exchange. Fish checked the leg kick, responding with one of his own. O’Reilly was in trouble due to the cross arm bar, but Kyle was able to scoot to the ropes to save himself. O’Reilly used Fish’s Irish whip attempt against him, forearming him hard across the face. Fish fired back, turning Kyle’s face beet-red. O’Reilly caught Fish’s incoming kick, cradle suplexing Fish for a near fall that had the fans in Jersey clapping. Fish caught a running O’Reilly with a backbreaker. Kyle avoided the moonsault, super kicking Fish when he landed on his feet. Bobby shook the kick off, super kicking Kyle. O’Reilly pulled a Fish by taking the pain and firing back with an attack. Kyle got to his feet first, using a clothesline-running flash kick in the corner to set up the tornado DDT. Kyle rolled through the DDT, calling for the Brain Buster. Fish countered with a falcon arrow, but couldn’t get a pin off of the move. Fish powered O’Reilly off the mat, turnbuckle bombing him. Kyle staggered to his feet, somehow ducking Fish’s spin kick before hitting another tornado DDT. Kyle floated through the DDT, using the Brain Buster to pick up a win in the first match in EVOLVE history.


Winner: Kyle O’Reilly (6:33)


Is It A Classic: This was a solid, hard-hitting encounter that definitely set the stage for the “revolutionary” style the company was looking to spearhead on the indie scene, but these two not only work a lot better together than they do against each other, but they weren’t at their peaks that helped them gel into becoming one of the world’s best tag team.

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