Bobo Brazil vs. Crusher Blackwell

Background: A show long ahead of its time, U.S. champion Bobo Brazil had the chance to showcase his talents on HBO in the main event against the mammoth Crusher Blackwell after Blackwell had mixed it up with wrestlers up and down the card.



New York, NY

March 1, 1976


Bobo Brazil vs. Crusher Blackwell


Bobo Brazil vs Crusher Blackwell


Though he had a large weight advantage on the champion, Crusher found himself being pushed against the ropes until he threw a cheap shot of a forearm. Brazil was stuck on the ropes, being choked until the referee got between Bobo and Blackwell. From right hands to simple, yet illegal biting, Blackwell kept Brazil grounded and cornered. Brazil decided to get dirty, too. Grabbing the incoming Blackwell by his mane, Brazil slammed his opponent face first into the top turnbuckles in an effort to punch and elbow Crusher on his nose. After punching Crusher off his feet, Brazil locked in the sleeper hold. The referee continuously checked Crusher’s arms until Bobo opted to go for a pin.

Showing great strength, Blackwell pitched Brazil off of him to stop what seemed to be a sure pin. The fall knocked the wind out of Brazil, leaving him prone for some more chokes and clubbing forearms that set up a huge leg drop … for a two count!

The fans were finally getting into this one as Brazil started firing back with right hands. Coco Butt! Brazil immediately went for the pin, picking up the three count.


Winner: Bobo Brazil (8:22)


Is It A Classic: Knowing the participants somewhat hurt any high expectation, but sometimes a hot crowd can make the most mundane match feel important. Not here. The crowd was dead on arrival, leaving the viewer to watch two men punch and choke each other until the closing moments. Not a good way to end a historic night.


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