Bryan Danielson vs. El Generico

Background: El Generico was scheduled to face Bryan Danielson for the Pro Wrestling Guerilla Heavyweight Championship, but the masked man suffered a shoulder injury during a match on the previous night. Being the man that he is, Bryan Danielson mocked Generico, calling him out of his name several times before Generico (in his causal track pants) accepted the opportunity before him.


European Vacation II: Germany

Essen, Germany

October 28, 2007


Bryan Danielson vs. El Generico


Bryan Danielson vs El Generico PWG


Dey’s a clubberin’ in Jer-man-ee, Tony! Generico tried to fly, but got caught by his arm and whipped to the mat. The champion took pride in wrenching Generico’s arm while mockingly kicking his opponent’s masked face. Big European uppercut made some fans chant, “Best in the world!” in regards to Bryan Danielson, his unyielding attack and a will to keep Generico grounded. The pro-challenger fans rallied behind the Tijuana native, giving him the strength to fight back before being slapped down. Kick after kick from Danielson aimed at Generico’s heavily taped left shoulder set up some X-Pac style kicks in the corner by the champion.

The crowd refused to let their man die, supporting Generico even though he was flopping like a wet noodle after every strike Danielson landed. The challenger found himself on the apron with the champion looking for a suplex. “The Generic Luchador” countered at the last second, suplexing the champion to the floor! Taking some time to recover, Generico eventually scaled the ropes to jump and land a perfect somersault plancha that put both men on their backs. Generico, with one arm, was taking the fight to Danielson. Bryan Danielson avoided the yakuza kick, landing the busaiku knee … for a near fall!

The champion couldn’t believe Generico was still fighting. This disbelief turned into pain for Danielson when his diving head-butt failed and caused him to land face first on Generico’s boot. Yakuza kick landed for Generico, but the masked man wasn’t done. One more yakuza kick allowed Generico to half nelson suplex Danielson and gain a two count of his own. Generico, looking for the Brain Buster, got yanked into Cattle Mutilation. The fans were begging for Generico to not tap out. Thankfully for Generico, he was close enough to the ropes to save himself. But the damage had been done. Generico was stuck in the champ’s clutches; prone to those concussion elbows. Yet Generico refused to say die. Generico was elbowing Danielson, too. Brain Buster connected for Generico … that gained him a near fall!

The fans couldn’t believe Danielson kicked out, voicing their support for Generico in an effort for the challenger to finish this match with a victory. Generico saw the super turnbuckle Brain Buster being what could lead him to victory. Instead, Danielson turned the attack into a super arm breaker. Grabbing the flailing Generico, Danielson repeatedly curb stomped his challenger into Cattle Mutilation once again. This time, Generico had no choice but to tap out.


Winner: Bryan Danielson (14:04)


Is It A Classic: A beautiful match of heart and will displayed by the ever-sympathetic El Generico. Bryan Danielson’s attack was meticulous to the point of deranged, giving the hot fans a reason to cheer in support of Generico fighting back with each passing minute. By the homestretch it seemed Generico would pull off the win, but his hopes were emphatically dashed. A great bout that needs to be seen.

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