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“I’m lost for words. ‘Capricorn City’ isn’t what I expected at all even with the description. It really exceeded my expectations. I’m glad it’s my first ebook novel. It’ll have a high place on my virtual bookshelf for years to come.” – Justin Kopec



“Reading the Novella, ‘Capricorn City’ is like driving down a narrow curvy mountain road on a rainy night! You don’t know what to expect around the next curve and you can’t relax your body, loosen your grip on the steering wheel or catch you breath until you see the exit to the main highway!  The end of the book will leave you waiting for the next edition by this brilliant young author!” – Jim Bullock, Business Money Source, LLC



“Capricorn City reminds me of everything that is wrong in the world and everything that’s right about the people caught in it. I read through it three times just to get a definitive grasp of James’ story, and I was blown away each time. And that ending! Pick Capricorn City up as fast as you can!” – Serenity Fournier



“With a passion for storytelling, this new author stirs the imagination.” – Marie Payne, Just Rydin Magazine



“Guns, drugs, violence, general craziness, and god complexes. This story has everything and then some. Cap City is a great read to say the least.” – Brandon Williamson


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