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TNA “Lockdown” 2008 Review

A look at TNA’s “Lockdown” 2008 pay-per-view to see if it is truly a classic.

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ECW “Living Dangerously 1998” Review

A look back at ECW’s “Living Dangerously 1998” event to see if it’s truly a classic.

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Ring of Honor “9th Annivesary Show” Review

Nine years and going strong, the men and women in Ring of Honor looked to provide a true alternative to what wrestling fans saw on TV every Monday and Thursday night. Having helped create stars such as CM Punk, Bryan “Daniel Bryan” Danielson, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries and many others, the company looked to set …

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AIW Girls Night Out 5 Review

Slowly but surely, Absolute Intense Wrestling has been making a name for itself on the Independent wrestling scene thanks in part to the company’s fantastic women’s division. With long-time Midwest competitor Mickie Knuckles as AIW’s Women’s champion, the AIW fans wanted to see the match over three years in the making – Knuckles vs. the …

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WWF It’s Time Review

Following the events of the World Wrestling Federation’s “Survivor Series” event, the WWF Heavyweight title picture had become highly contested thanks to three rivals intertwined. The defending champion Sycho Sid used the health of Shawn Michaels’ mentor against “The Heartbreak Kid”, leaving “HBK” prone to Sid’s devastating Power Bomb. Before that match, Bret Hart made …

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