Short and Sweet


There is always a dusk before the dawn. Many feel that the dawn never comes. Others see the dawn, gorgeous as a fawn. I question the dawn. I sit at a pond and see nothing but a cloud of gray. It comes to me everyday. Maybe is just God’s plan telling me, “Just wait and …

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Just Imagine

I look at it everyday but is it just an illusion? is it the illusion of my imagination? No, there is no way Could it be that it is just my imagination? How could it be? Why could I not see? I feel like a flea. Maybe it’s just my imagination. No way! When I …

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No Doubt

“Don’t you go off into the new day with any doubt.” – Cee-Lo Green Everyday, you wake up with two choices: To accept the day and move forward with a bad attitude or walk with your head up and positive thinking. There are times in life when past situations – be it one day earlier …

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“Shine on into an unbridled passion.” – Nathan Hunt As we progress through life, we find ourselves discovering things we end up loving. Some of those things lose their priority in our lives when we get older, or situations change, but there is always that one or two thing that stick with us no matter …

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Make It Count

“Now we can do nothing about the past, but we can do something about the future that we have. We can make fast or we can make it last.” – Lupe Fiasco While this statement can be looked at from a larger perspective, the fact is everything begins with you. Our days are filled with …

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