Sting vs. Steven Regal

Background: World Championship Wrestling United States champion Sting had a few run-ins with Lord Steven Regal over the course of 1995, usually defeating the Englishman one way or another. Regal looked to change that perception that Sting was better than him.


WCW Saturday Night

Atlanta, GA

August 21, 1995


Sting vs. Steven Regal


Sting vs Steven Regal


Immediately, Regal looked to knock Sting loopy with right hands before bouncing off the ropes for something. Double leg takedown by Regal after his plan failed and he was hip tossed across the ring. Sting was hanging with Regal’s European style, locking the left arm of his would-be challenger by tossing him across the ring again. Steven Regal seemingly realized he had to get a little dirty if he wanted to gain an advantage. Clobbering the leaping Sting from behind, Regal knocked the champion to the floor for a kick square on the jaw topped by an impressive somersault senton splash.

The fans hated seeing Regal parading around the ring, throwing up the “peace” sign prior to slapping Sting around. Sting fired back, sunset flipping Regal for a near fall. Tripping the rising Sting allowed Steven Regal to keep the advantage. It wasn’t until Steven let Sting get off the mat did the man in paint turned the tides in his favor. Big knife-edge chop set the pace for Sting’s follow up right hands aiming at Regal’s head. Before the champion could execute his Stinger Splash, Earl Robert Eaton (Bobby Eaton of Midnight Express fame) tried to illegally attack Sting. Before Eaton could complete his goal, Ric Flair shoved the Earl off the top rope; causing Eaton and Regal to bump heads. Sting made the cover, pinning an unconscious Steven Regal.


Winner: Sting (5:08)


Is It A Classic: A solid match that had the potential of being something greater if given more time. Sting and Regal had different styles, but they worked well together. The ending definitely left a lot to be desired even if it meant something in the big picture (Sting teaming with Ric Flair to face The Four Horsemen “weeks” later).


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