Madison Eagles vs. Mercedes Martinez

Background: With seven wins in a row, Mercedes Martinez made her claim to a SHIMMER title shot undeniable thanks to victories over the likes of Tomoka Nakagawa, Misaki Ohata, and Nikki Roxx. After many years of waiting for another title opportunity, Martinez finally got her chance against a woman who had been equally unbeatable; yet someone Mercedes defeated in the past in defending champion Madison Eagles.


SHIMMER Volume 37

Berwyn, IL

March 26, 2011


Madison Eagles vs. Mercedes Martinez


Madison Eagles vs Mercedes Martinez


The honorable handshake ended with Eagles shoving Martinez into the ropes for something. Mercedes quickly halted Eagles’ attack with a big boot-lariat combination that sent Eagles to the floor for Martinez’ dive off the top rope, to the floor on the champion. Eagles kicked out of Mercedes’ follow up pin when the action reentered the ring, knocking Mercedes down moments later for one of her unique submissions. When Mercedes freed herself, Eagles simply pounded and choked the challenger until the referee had to stop her. STO by Eagles set up a Sabu-like camel clutch, but Mercedes refused to submit. The champ’s ground and pound was nullifying any offense Mercedes had in mind. It wasn’t until Eagles whipped Mercedes into the turnbuckles did Martinez find her chance. Sidestepping the incoming champion in the face, Martinez sprung off the middle rope, tornado DDT’ing Eagles … for a near fall!

Martinez took a page out of Eagles’ book ground and pounding Madison before choking her. Sadly for the challenger, Eagles arm whipped Martinez in position for a leg drop, putting the champ in control again. Gourd buster from the middle rope by Eagles set up that running knee on the seated Martinez for another two count. Eagles scaled the ropes once again, but took too much time mocking the crowd. Martinez pulled Eagles back so she was in the tree of woe, and two basement dropkicks to the face. Quickly, Mercedes grabbed the champ, executing her Fisherman Buster!

Eagles smartly rolled to the floor, into the crowd. Mercedes followed, leading to brawl with the fans. Eagles whipped Martinez into the chairs, only for Mercedes to pay her back seconds later. After tossing Eagles over the barricades, Martinez walked the railing, jumping off with a stomp that almost knocked the champ out. When the action returned to the ring, Mercedes wore the champ out with chops. Eagles fired back with the brain buster. Somehow, Mercedes hulked herself up, hitting the same maneuver to a huge pop. Sadly for the challenger, she couldn’t capitalize with a pin. When the women met in the ring’s middle, they started exchanging strikes. Madison tried to use those attacks to set up Hell Bound. Martinez countered with the Fisherman Buster … to get a near fall thanks to the ropes!

At the fifteen minute mark, Mercedes went for a super Fisherman Buster. Madison broke free of Martinez’s clutches, hitting Hell Bound in the center of the ring. Eagles immediately made the cover, successfully defending the SHIMMER title once again.


Winner: Madison Eagles (15:29)


Is It A Classic: Madison Eagles is the perfect mix of Harley Race and Ric Flair. Madison loves to start slow, wear her opponent out, and then go for the kill. Mercedes was the Ricky Steamboat to Eagles’ Flair here as she took the fight to the champ, forcing Eagles out of her comfort zone. But using some well-timed counters and not-so-honorable escapes into the crowd allowed Madison to collect herself, and strike when the opportunity presented itself. Not only that, but one my biggest pet peeves was countered in the main event as they executed the finisher exchange perfectly with the use of the ropes and ringside. Everything about the match is incredible.

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