Jerry Lynn vs. David Flair

Background: In an effort to fight back the impending danger of Vince Russo’s Sports Entertainment Xtreme, Jerry Lynn took the fight to the son of legendary World champion Ric Flair after David Flair won a tag team match involving Jerry Lynn a week earlier.


NWA-TNA Pay-Per-View #29

Nashville, TN

January 29, 2003


Jerry Lynn vs. David Flair


Jerry Lynn vs David Flair


Jerry Lynn immediately gave chase to a fleeing Flair, dropkicking him in position for a running bulldog. Poor David found himself being beaten from pillar to post. Ducking a wild punch, David was able to drop Lynn groin first across the steel guardrail. Taking page out of his father’s playbook, Flair was knife-edge chopping and eye poking his way to victor. Before Flair could complete his goal, Lynn slammed a rope-climbing David off his perch. Lynn mounted Flair on the ropes, punching his head until David was left out on his feet. Grabbing the leg, Lynn set up the figure four leg lock on Flair.

David refused to give up, forcing Lynn to give up in an effort to do something better. Big ref bump gave David the opportunity to grab his mysterious burlap sack. Ron “The Truth” Killings came to the ring in an effort to stop something bad from happening. Unfortunately for Lynn, Flair ducked a wild swing from Killings, causing “The Truth” to hit an unsuspecting Jerry Lynn. Killings left as Flair made the cover to pin the former ECW Heavyweight champion.


Winner: David Flair (5:11)


Is It A Classic: Did you really expect a classic match involving David Flair? With that said, this isn’t a bad match. Maybe, just maybe, the best match of David Flair’s career, and further proof as to how good Jerry Lynn was.


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