Sara Del Rey vs. Rain

Background: After securing her first victory in SHIMMER one show ago, Rain looked to continue her winning ways by besting the woman to beat in the company – an undefeated Sara Del Rey.


SHIMMER Volume 4

Berwyn, IL

February 12, 2006


Sara Del Rey vs. Rain


Sara Del Rey vs Rain


Rain did a great job holding her own against the technician as she worked her way out of Del Rey’s headlocks and wristlocks. Yet, the strength of Sara kept Rain grappling from behind rather than capitalizing on her counters. Del Rey’s focus on Rain’s left arm was a sign of Sara trying to neutralize Rain’s finisher, the Raindrop. Sara made a big mistake trying to use an Irish whip into the corner to set up a flying attack. Rain yanked Del Rey off the middle rope so her back collided against the canvas. Rain immediately started kicking Sara’s back.

Del Rey shook away the pain, knocking Rain far enough away for another attempt at a flying attack. And, once again, Rain caught Sara on the top rope and slammed her to the mat. Insultingly, Rain kicked Del Rey in the face as she tried to rise. Shotgun knees to the lower back of Del Rey almost gained Rain the three count. Rain’s attempt at a tornado DDT ended with her taking a northern lights suplex … for a two count!

Avoiding the Del Rey haymaker allowed Rain to hit a sleeper-backbreaker combination. Sara hulked up, leading to a double clothesline that left both women down. The competitors got up swinging for the fences; Sara connecting with a huge boot to Rain’s chest. Sara started tossing Rain around the ring before knocking her in position for a superplex. Rain fought out of the attack, utilizing a super backstabber … to gain a near fall!

The fans were solidly behind Sara Del Rey. Blocking the Raindrop, Del Rey German suplexed Rain like she did Daizee Haze before defeating Haze, but couldn’t put Rain down in the same way. Pouncing on the groggy Rain gave Sara the chance to execute her Royal Butterfly submission-pinning slam combination to finally defeat Rain.


Winner: Sara Del Rey (14:08)


Is It A Classic: A little surprising bout as Rain hadn’t solidified herself that much in SHIMMER as someone who could take Del Rey to the limit in the same vein as Mercedes Martinez (who was considered the top wrestler in the company alongside Sara). The longer the match went, the more it seemed Rain had a chance to do the seemingly impossible before failing to complete her goal. Definitely a gem from the early days of SHIMMER.


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