Raven vs. Steve Williams

Background: After disposing of Axl Rotten, “Dr. Death” Steve Williams was confronted by the ECW Heavyweight champion Raven. Raven, offering an unusual show of respect to Williams, found himself pushed into a corner and coaxed into giving Williams an immediate title shot.


Crossing the Line Again

Philadelphia, PA

February 1, 1997


Raven vs. Steve Williams


Raven vs Dr Death


Big double leg takedown from “Dr. Death” left Raven reeling. Avoiding an incoming Williams, Raven sent his challenger face first into the top turnbuckle. The impact of the blow knocked Williams loopy and left him prone to several chair shots from Raven. “Dr. Death” was bleeding from his forehead after those attacks. The fans wanted someone to go through a table, and Raven obliged … by missing a moving Williams to put himself through the wood!

A chair-swinging Williams split Raven’s skull. When the action returned inside, both men were out of it and trying to land a knockout punch. Power slam by the challenger only gained him a near fall. Raven somehow survived Williams’ short-arm clotheslines into a German suplex, leaving “Dr. Death” to question whether or not the referee counted three. Flying shoulder tackle from the challenger was topped off by his attempt at another. Raven caught him on the top rope, leading to a fistfight until Raven superplexed him.

Out of nowhere came the Blue World Order. With the bWo was none other than The Sandman’s wife and son (who had become followers of Raven’s Flock). The distraction worked as Williams gorilla press slammed Raven to the floor. Richards offered Williams a bWo shirt, only to have it ripped up and thrown in his face. Richards responded with not one, but two Stevie Kicks. The first two didn’t hurt Williams! “Dr. Death” challenged Richards to Stevie Kick him again. This time, Williams caught the incoming strike, looking to knock Stevie down. Richards avoided the attack, Stevie Kicking Williams into Raven’s DDT … for the three count!


Winner: Raven (8:27)


Is It A Classic: A crazy brawl featuring Raven fighting as an underdog. Raven, who was seen by many as a champion who needed every bit of help possible to win, lived up to that belief; but only after hanging with one of wrestling’s toughest men. The fans were into everything, and while it wasn’t a classic technical battle, this was a true ECW style brawl in every sense of the word.


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