Kevin Steen vs. PAC

Background: In February 2007, Kevin Steen faced PAC not long after his Pro Wrestling Guerrilla debut in a match where PAC actually defeated the PWG mainstay. This was the rematch.



Reseda, CA

July 23, 2011


Kevin Steen vs. PAC


Kevin Steen vs PAC


Steen immediately noticed PAC’s muscle mass gain since the last time he saw PAC. And he’s not kidding; PAC is jacked now. The initial collar & elbow tie up ended with Steen pushing the muscled PAC across the ring. When PAC paid him back, Steen shoved him. PAC shoved back, knocking Steen off his feet. Steen stopped his initiated test of strength, leading to shoulder block exchange that saw neither man go off their feet. PAC ducked one of Steen’s shoulder block attempts; head scissoring Steen in position for a standing shooting star press! Steen hastily bailed to the floor, into the crowd to avoid being pinned.

Once again, Steen set up the test of strength, only to break the hold by using a reverse curb stomp. Ten celebratory pushups by Steen allowed PAC to recover and flip his way around the ring before springboard dropkicking “Mr. Wrestling” to the floor. PAC was looking for the flying tiger special, but Steen moved. Showing how nimble he is, PAC landed on his feet instead of splatting on the floor. PAC rushed Steen, only to be power bombed across the apron. In honor of Cactus Jack, Steen ran off the apron with the big elbow. Upon rising, Steen asked, “How did he do that?” I think Mick’s body asks him that every day.

Kevin Steen took control of the match, using the ropes to choke PAC to the cheers of some of the fans. Big senton splash by Steen only gave him a two count. PAC was trying to fire himself up, but ended up having a hair stomped. Seriously, Steen stomped PAC’s hair after using the Kelly Kelly hair pull. Kevin decided he wanted to suplex PAC to the floor. PAC blocked the attack, using a slingshot ace crusher that slammed Steen’s face against the ring’s edge. PAC jumped to the top rope, hitting a corkscrew asai moonsault! When the action returned inside, PAC almost gained a pinned off a frog cross body block. PAC was looking for another slingshot ace crusher, only to throw himself into the F5 … for a near fall!

After insulting someone’s possible undercover gay father, PAC stopped a running Steen with an enzuguri that set up a huge German suplex that almost gave PAC the victory. The fans were behind PAC as PAC set up a frankensteiner. The attack didn’t work for PAC, but the step up kick to Steen’s face did. PAC ran up the ropes one more time, only for Steen to catch and slam PAC with the Finlay roll off the top rope. Hero and Excalibur dub the attack the “Steen-roller”. Not only did PAC kick out following the Steen-roller, but also a moonsault that saw Steen land on PAC’s legs. When that attack didn’t end PAC’s night, Steen moonsaulted on PAC’s lower limbs once again to set up the sharpshooter. Somehow, PAC made it to the ropes to save himself. Stopping Steen’s belly to back superplex, PAC knocked Steen to the mat for an inward 450 splash!

Somehow, some way, Steen kicked out right before the three count, and stopped PAC’s Phoenix Splash to hit the hangman’s DDT … for another two count!

The fans rightly chanted, “This is awesome!” Blocking the Package Piledriver, PAC was able to reverse hurricarana Steen in position for the shooting star press set up. As PAC descended, Steen threw his knees up. With PAC landing across Steen’s knees, PAC was wide open for a small package that Steen used to hold PAC down for the three count.


Winner: Kevin Steen (23:07)


Is It A Classic: Simply put – this is easily one of the best openers you’ll ever see. Both men went out there and laid it all on the line in what would become a must-see encounter.

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