Taylor Wilde vs. Daffney

Background: Through the advice of Dr. Stevie Richards, Abyss trained Daffney in preparation for the first ever Monster’s Ball bout featuring TNA Knockouts in hopes of weaning Abyss off weapons.



Orlando, FL

May 24, 2009


Taylor Wilde vs. Daffney


Taylor Wilde vs Daffney


Daffney failed to get the jump on Wilde with a wild Singapore cane swing, ending with Daffney being taken down and being elbow dropped. Wilde tossed in several weapons, only for Daffney to grab a hold of the trashcan lid to back the former Knockout champion on the head. Placing the lid down, Daffney slammed Wilde across the metal. Running clothesline worked once for Daffney, but not the second time when Wilde kicked her away before sending Daffney face first into a horizontal trashcan. Three baking sheet shots by Wilde allowed her to put Daffney in the trashcan. Using a hockey stick, Wilde tried to ring Daffney’s bell and crush her at the same time.

Wilde hoisted Daffney off the mat, hitting an Attitude Adjustment across the bottom half of the trashcan for the pin fall victory.


Winner: Taylor Wilde (3:34)


After the match, Dr. Stevie started beating Abyss when the masked man refused to chokeslam Wilde on a pool of thumbtacks. Thankfully for Wilde, interviewer Lauren made the save until Dr. Stevie shoved her down. Like Popeye, that was all Abyss could stand, chokeslamming Dr. Stevie on the thumbtacks instead to a huge ovation.


Is It A Classic: It could’ve been if given more than three minutes. Seriously, this was a first time ever type of bout given three minutes. The girls did the best of what they could, but they seriously deserved more.

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