Suicide vs. Alex Shelley vs. Jay Lethal vs. Consequences Creed vs. Chris Sabin

Background: For the first time in Slammiversary history, the X-Division title was  defended in the King of the Mountain match. X-Division champion Suicide decided to attack a feuding Lethal Consequences and Motor City Machine Guns leading up to this match.



Detroit, MI

June 21, 2009


Suicide vs. Alex Shelley vs. Jay Lethal vs. Consequences Creed vs. Chris Sabin


X Division KoM


For those who don’t know, a King of the Mountain match goes like this: any wrestler can pin or make someone submit. The person on the receiving end of that fall must stay inside a penalty box for two minutes. The person who earned the fall is eligible to suspend the title belt on the hook above the ring to win the match and the title.

Detroit Tigers’ Curtis Granderson was responsible for keeping the belt until someone earned a fall. Everyone jumped the champ immediately. Lethal dropkicked Suicide into Creed’s springboard bulldog. Suicide also got a piece of the Guns’ double team prowess. When Lethal Consequences slid in a ladder, Suicide started fighting back, back elbowing the Guns off their feet in the process. Suicide grabbed the ladder, ladder clotheslining all of his challengers. Suicide followed up with the Suicide Solution on Lethal across the ladder. Three seconds later, and Suicide gets the first pin of the match, sending Jay into the penalty box while making the champ eligible to hang the belt.

Before Suicide could take advantage of his situation, the Guns double suplexed Suicide for Shelley, Sabin, and Creed’s leg drops. Creed slung Suicide into Shelley’s grip so Sabin could enzuguri Suicide face first into the ladder. The third attempt at a triple team didn’t work as Creed met the ladder instead of the champion. Swinging Russian leg sweep on Sabin sent him to the floor. Suicide used a spinning lung blower on Shelley to force Alex into the penalty box via another pin fall.

Jay Lethal got out of his holding cell, using a double axe handle to drop Suicide. A clothesline did the same right after. Suicide flipped over the bent body of Jay, slamming him face first against the middle turnbuckle. The crowd started to rise when Sabin made it to his feet, clutching a chair. No finesse by Sabin, who just whipped the chair on top of Suicide’s head. Lethal opened the chair, giving Sabin a seat. Sabin moved when he saw Lethal coming after him with the Lethal Combination. Instead, Suicide felt a Lethal Combination. Sabin, Lethal, and Creed jumped on top of Suicide, getting a triple pin, but only Lethal got the eligibility because he started the initial cover. The Guns and Lethal Consequences celebrated in the ring’s center like it was someone’s bar mitzvah. Lethal grabbed the belt, but The Guns turned on Lethal Consequences before they could do anything. Double stomp off the leg sweep on Creed by the Guns. Sabin and Shelley tripped Jay in the corner, crotching him and kicking him in the back. Shelley was on fire, dropping a big knee on Creed before rolling across the ring and pulling Lethal off the ropes with a backstabber. Creed stopped Alex’s fire, drilling him into the mat before putting him in the penalty box again.

Lethal Consequences were all over Suicide. Sabin slid back in, distracting Creed long enough for Suicide to fight back. Sabin grabbed Suicide, only to get monkey flipped on top of the ladder lying against the ropes. Lethal pulled Suicide out of the ring, allowing Creed to somersault on Suicide with a sickening thud. As Creed and Suicide fought in the aisle, Sabin ran up the ladder, on top of the penalty box before diving off with a cross body to an amazing ovation.

Alex Shelley wanted to climb after returning to the fray, but wasn’t eligible. So Sabin took a fall for his partner. Sabin entered the penalty box as Shelley made his ascent. Before Shelley could hook the belt, Suicide dropkicked the ladder from underneath Alex. Lethal Consequences reentered, whipping Suicide face first into the top of the ladder as it sat atop the turnbuckles. Shelley knocked Jay backwards, causing him to get hung in the ladder rungs. Suicide picked up Creed, gourd-busting Creed across the ladder, causing a seesaw act on Lethal-who was stuck in the ladder. Poor Jay took a horrible bump, almost landing on his head after sailing across the ring. Sabin ran in right after, clotheslining Suicide before tornado DDT’ing Lethal to pin him for eligibility. Creed slammed Sabin, only to get air raid crashed by Alex. Shelley stood up, taking a DDT’ed from Suicide. Cradle Shock on Suicide leaves Sabin the only man left standing.

The fans were roaring as Sabin set up the ladder, making it halfway up before Suicide stopped his ascent to a chorus of boos. Sabin took too much time after the hesitation dropkick, allowing Lethal to belly to back superplex Sabin off the ladder. Before Lethal could move from his horizontal position, Shelley frog splashed him. Shelley draped the ladder across ringside for something when Creed stopped him with an enzuguri. Lethal ran to the top for the big elbow, but Sabin caught “Black Machismo”. Creed ran over to help his partner, back dropping Sabin over the top rope. Sabin landed on the apron on his feet, near the ladder. Before he could move, Suicide shoulder rammed Creed into Sabin, propelling him backwards, with the ladder being the only thing to stop his descent.

Suicide got missile dropkicked by Shelley, allowing Shelley to dive on top of him on the floor. Jay Lethal jumped off his perch, dropping the big elbow across Sabin’s prone body. Shelley and Creed met on the apron, going punch for punch. Shelley won the battle with sliced bread. Suicide stopped slide bread when Alex grabbed him, dropkicking Shelley into the front row. Suicide started to climb while the fans showed their disgust. Lethal stopped Suicide, pushing him off the ladder, on top of the penalty box. Suicide caught Lethal’s flying ladder, putting it across Jay’s back. Creed met Suicide on the box as Shelley set up another ladder to climb to victory. Before Shelley could get that far, Suicide ran across the ladder from atop the penalty box, downward spiraling Shelley. Suicide grabbed his belt, hooking it after a few awkward moments and a lot of boos.


Winner: Suicide (23:46)


Is It A Classic: This KotM match was off the charts fun. While a lot of the match was an impressive spot after impressive spot, it did have a semblance of a story. Actually, it had a very solid story of all four men attempting to work over Suicide to prevent him from doing his crazy magic to win in the end again. While it didn’t work, the men involved here should be nothing short of proud for delivering one of, if not the best, King of the Mountain matches ever.

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