The Briscoes vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico (ROH “Death Before Dishonor V”)

Background: Upon returning to Ring of Honor in 2007, Kevin Steen and El Generico were tested by the baddest team in ROH history, Jay and Mark Briscoe. In their first encounter, The Briscoes bested the ROH newcomers. A few months later, the aptly named Steenerico had their chance for retribution; and did just that when they used Mark Briscoe’s hurt head against him, defeating the former ROH World Tag Team champions. Since that moment in April, The Briscoes and Steenerico waged war in several types of matches. This match is the continuation of that brutal rivalry heading toward ROH’s first Ladder match.

Death Before Dishonor V: Night 1

August 10, 2007

Boston, MA

Boston Street Fight: The Briscoes vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico

The fight began on the floor, with Jay and Steen going into the crowd immediately. Elsewhere, Generico crowned Mark with a chair throwing a table into the audience, hitting Jay. As his brother was taking a beating in the audience, Mark used the ring ropes to dive on Generico in an impressive sight. When Mark got up, Steen cracked him on the head with a chair like his partner did earlier. Steen followed that brutal weapon attack by power bombing Mark through the table. Mark stopped Steen’s celebration with a chair shot of his own. All four men were going at it, throwing chairs and the broken table pieces at each other. Once the battling four were done tossing chairs, they started pitching whatever opponent was closest across rows of chairs the wild audience was sitting in.

Things got wilder when Jay suplexed Generico on the floor, Steen fisherman busted Mark through a chair, and Generico used a tornado DDT to drill Jay’s head. Mark and Steen barreled into the ringside area with Mark ace crushing Steen after a now bloody headed Jay stopped Generico’s yakuza kick with a super kick. The Briscoes slammed Generico back first into the guardrails, taking the barricades down. Suddenly, Steen speared Mark into the next rail! Michinoku driver on the guardrail by Generico on Mark!

Across from Generico and Mark was Jay hoisting Steen up, belly to back suplexing Kevin through the timekeeper’s table. Steen reversed another suplex on the floor, pulling out a table to use on Jay. Steen set the table up, pushing Jay into the ring. This led to a fistfight in the middle of the ring. Steen won the battle by clawing at Jay’s deep forehead cut. Generico flew off the top, cross body blocking the staggering Jay. Generico turned around into a missile dropkick from Mark. Make spun into a power bomb by Steen, leaving all four men down.

When they rose, everyone grabbed chairs. Steen clobbered Mark before getting a taste of his own medicine from Jay. Everyone ended up on their backs again when Generico blasted Jay with his chair, only to be cracked in the head by a weak Mark Briscoe.

Mark got up, gabbing Generico with the t-bone suplex before setting up for the Cutthroat Driver through two chairs. Generico reversed Mark’s finisher, but couldn’t turn the tides with the Brain Buster due to Jay cracking him in the back with a chair. The Briscoes hooked Generico for the Briscoe double hip toss, sending Generico through the two chairs! Steen ran in, breaking another chair over Jay’s head! Steen pulled Mark to the corner. Before Steen could moonsault on top of Mark, Jay pushed Steen off of his perch, through another table on the floor!

Generico ran over, yakuza kicking Jay in the face! Mark got up; helping his brother hit the super power bomb-neck breaker combination … only for Steen to pull the referee out of the ring to stop the count. Mark and Jay disposed of Steen before calling for the Doomsday Device. Generico was turned inside out by the devastating double team … for a near fall thanks to Steen breaking up the pin!

Steen was able to send Jay to the floor after dropping Mark across the top rope throat first. Steen pulled out a ladder, driving the ladder’s top against Jay’s crimson colored skull. Steen propped the ladder in the corner, only for Mark to back drop him into steel. Mark balanced the bent ladder, making the climb. Before Mark could jump, Generico pulled him off with a springboard ace crusher! Jay abruptly grabbed the ladder, cracking Steen on the head to set up the Jay Driller. In desperation, Steen low blowed his way out of the Jay Driller, Package Piledriving Jay on the ladder to finally pin the eldest Briscoe.

Winners: Kevin Steen & El Generico (22:21)

After the match, Kevin Steen challenged The Briscoes to a Steel Cage match in Hartford, CN for the ROH World Tag Team title.

Is It A Classic: This isn’t just a classic; it’s a piece of wrestling insanity. For over twenty-two minutes, The Briscoes and Steenerico killed each other for the sake of our entertainment. But it wasn’t just all chair shots and crowd brawling. The fact is they told a wonderful, barbaric story that slowly, but surely built up to the crescendo of Jay being taken out with a weapon that will either allow The Briscoes to stay ROH World Tag Team champions, or give Steenerico the moment they’ve waited for in ROH’s first ever Ladder War (that occurred after this match). This is easily a must-see match.

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