Hulk Hogan vs. Bob Orton Jr.

Background: Still fuming over the fact Paul Orndorff and his frequent tag team partner “Rowdy” Roddy Piper lost to Hulk Hogan and television star Mr. T at the inaugural “Wrestlemania”, “Cowboy” Bob Orton Jr. challenged “The Hulkster” for Hogan’s World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Championship during the debut episode of “Saturday Night’s Main Event”.


Saturday Night’s Main Event

Philadelphia, PA

May 10, 1985



Hulk Hogan vs. Bob Orton Jr.


Hulk Hogan vs Bob Orton Jr


Hulk Hogan had Mr. T in his corner to, potentially, defend his friend from the interference of Roddy Piper. Orton got the jump on Hogan at the sound of the bell, but the champion was easily about to out-punch and overpower Orton until the “Cowboy” was looking to move to lower ground by exiting the ring. Hogan, somewhat distracted by Piper, was whipped into the ropes. Hulk Hogan avoided the running Orton, focusing on the cast wrapped around Orton’s left arm. The supposedly injured arm didn’t hinder “Cowboy” from throwing a knee as the champ bounced off the ropes. Hogan dropped to the mat, leaving him prone to knee drops and elbow drops as the fans got behind their champion.

Mr. T, like the fans, was demanding “The Hulkster” to get up and fight. Hogan heard the commands, hulking up. Punch, punch, and one more punch for good measure from the champ was topped by Hogan’s clothesline-elbow drop combination. Hogan’s confidence got the better of him, being atomic dropped in position for Orton’s Superplex finisher. Hogan stopped the attack at the last second, knocking Orton to the mat for the Big Leg Drop … that was broken up by an interfering Roddy Piper! The referee had choice but to disqualify “Cowboy” Bob Orton.

Paul Orndorff, upset over this turn of events, saved Hogan and Mr. T from a thrashing.


Winner: Hulk Hogan (10:27)


Is It A Classic: A solid main event for the first of what would become one of wrestling’s longest running specials. The fans were into the “simplistic” action, and the ending set up a feud for the future. But it’s not a match you’ll need to go out of your way to see unless you’re really insistent on seeing this piece of wrestling history.

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