Mia Yim vs. Allysin Kay

Background: At “Girls Night Out 5” Allysin Kay helped kick Mia Yim out of the Flexor Industries faction. Yim responded by almost kicking Kay’s nose into head when they faced each other in an impromptu bout during the aforementioned event. With the AIW’s Women’s Championship vacated and Yim and Kay claiming to be the number one contender, it was decided the new rivals would fight for the gold in a No Disqualification, Fans Bring the Weapons match.


Girls Night Out 6

Cleveland, OH

April 15, 2012


Allysin Kay vs. Mia Yim


Allysin Kay vs Mia Yim GNO6


Surrounding the ring were baseball bats, tire irons, wooden planks, light tubes (some brought out by Yim herself) and even an AK-47 (very appropriate as Kay’s nickname is “The AK-47”).

No collar & elbow tie up here as Kay head-butted her opponent when they came face to face. Yim responded with some kicks to Kay’s previously broken nose. Furious over the attack, Allysin avoided a wild kick, German suplexing her striking opponent for a near fall. The momentum swung both and forth as the fans chanted for extreme violence. Instead, “The Blasian Sensation” Mia Yim looked to make Kay submit in a death lock. Grabbing the shirt she wore to the ring, Mia stomped her opposition while whipping her with the t-shirt. Kay took more insult to the attack than injury, yanking Mia into a triangle choke converted into an arm bar soon after. Using a stick to beat herself to freedom, Yim rose to find Kay had the AK-47 pointing at her. Come to find out the weapon was nothing more than an elaborate toy.

The moment of confusion allowed Yim to shove the real “AK-47” out of the ring and grab a baseball bat. We had a standoff when both women went to hit each other with their respective bats. Rather than clobber each other like simpletons, the ladies dropped their weapons and took the fight to the mat again. Kay, almost getting caught in a triangle choke, broke free of her opposition’s grip, cracking a broom across “The Blasian Sensation’s” back. Irish whip by Kay ended with Yim stopping herself from bouncing off the ropes. Kay rushed forward, being dumped to the floor again. Mia Yim ran across the apron, kicking Allysin not once, but twice. On the third try, Kay whacked the incoming leg with a trashcan lid! Kay grabbed a chair, tossing it to the rising Yim. Mia caught the chair, only to have it kicked in her face!

The action moved around ringside with both women kicking and tossing each other until Yim grabbed one of those fluorescent light tubes she brought to the ring. Before Yim could shatter the glass on Kay, “AK-47” pulled a machete from underneath the ring! Mia Yim was understandably begging off until she was on her back near the ramp. Kay reared back, looking to stab Mia. “The Blasian Sensation” moved at the last second, causing Kay to pierce the ramp. Yim rolled to grab a light tube, slinging the glass material across Allysin’s back to break it … for a near fall!

Mia Yim quickly rolled her bleeding opposition into the ring for a Sky Yim attempt. Like Yim just seconds earlier, Kay moved out of the way just in time. Suddenly, Chest Flexor Industries came to the ring. As Industries’ member Sassy Stephie offered the machete to a refusing Kay, Flexor tossed powder in Yim’s eyes off camera. Kay turned around, Regal-plexing Yim for the three count to become the new AIW Women’s champion.

Seeing the white residue on Yim’s face, Kay went crazy; attacking the men of Flexor Industries before shaking hands with the women just robbed of the AIW Women’s Championship.


Winner: Allysin Kay (9:20)


Is It A Classic: While not necessarily brutal or barbaric as you’d expect, this is the type of match where hostility and hatred bleed into the action wonderfully. The match’s shifts in pace from striking to grappling to an all-out attempt to permanently hurt one another flowed very well. It’s hard not to encourage someone to see this match if they’re looking for hard-nosed (no pun intended) women’s wrestling.


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