D-Lo Brown vs. Colt Cabana

Background: Both D-Lo Brown and Colt Cabana were trying to gain solid ground in Ring of Honor after Brown’s debut three shows ago and Cabana’s return after being released from World Wrestling Entertainment respectively.


Supercard of Honor IV

Houston, TX



D-Lo Brown vs. Colt Cabana


No honor shown by Brown at the sound of the bell. Colt’s unorthodox offense had D-Lo a little frustrated, and caught in several pinning predicaments. Test of strength offered by Brown, which Colt took him up on. Brown got the immediate dominant position, but Cabana used those European skills to his advantage until he ended up on his knees, wide open for Brown’s shining wizard. King’s road, baby! Brown had Colt in position for the diving clothesline, but got caught in a crucifix. Brown kicked out, leveling Cabana with a leg lariat. Colt fought his way out of the corner, running into a clothesline just seconds later.

Brown was upset when the referee told him to stop choking Colt, causing him to do some head shaking. Cabana fought his way out of a modified cobra clutch, but didn’t stay on his feet for long as Brown drove his knee into Cabana’s abdomen when Colt bounced off the ropes. Big right haymaker from Cabana knocked the spit out of Brown’s mouth. Brown reversed an Irish whip, but Colt used it to hit the caperana for a two count. Flying Apple from Colt. Brown recovered quickly, using the TKO to set up for senton from the second rope. Colt moved in time to avoid it, causing both men to have to use the ropes to pull themselves up.

Colt elbowed Brown off his feet, in position for the Billy Goat’s Curse. Brown tapped his right hand on Colt’s ankle, causing Colt to release the hold in victory. But the referee was on the other side of ring, so the match is still going on. Brown caught Cabana with a small package, but couldn’t hold him down for the three count. Cabana was still a little preoccupied with the referee, allowing Brown to turn the Colt 45 into the Sky High Bomb.

Colt stopped the Lo Down Frog Splash, bionic elbowing Brown to the floor. Brown yanked out a pair of knucks from his tights, punching Colt on the chin when Colt jumped off with the top with the double axe handle attempt. Brown stuffed the international object into his tights as he got the pin.


Winner: D-Lo Brown (11:03)


Is It A Classic: Brown and Cabana didn’t do anything out of the ordinary or incredibly spectacular. What they did have was a smart, entertaining match that garnered the fans’ attention from bell to bell until Brown’s illegal antics got him the victory. It won’t be a match you’ll remember for years to come, but you’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

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