Hulk Hogan vs. The Undertaker

Background: During the feud between “The Real World’s champion” Ric Flair and WWF champion Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker got involved by attacking Hogan alongside Flair during an edition of Paul Bearer’s (The Undertaker’s manager) “Funeral Parlor”.


Survivor Series

Detroit, MI

November 27, 1991


Hulk Hogan vs. The Undertaker


Hulk Hogan vs The Undertaker


Hogan cautiously circled his challenger before locking up. The Undertaker easily shoved Hogan around the ring. Hulk actually went out of the ring to regroup himself. Reentering didn’t do Hogan too well, being choked and caught with uppercuts. Even ‘Taker’s manager Paul Bearer got involved in the choking of Hulk Hogan. The challenger made a big mistake going for an elbow drop, missing and being punched over and over again. Hogan had to get dirty when he realized he couldn’t clothesline and elbow ‘Taker off his feet. Big clothesline from the champion sent the challenger out of the ring, but The Undertaker landed on his feet.

Before Hogan could take advantage of the situation he created, The Undertaker yanked Hogan underneath the bottom rope to choke the champ with a camera cable. The choking of Hogan continued in the ring as the fans tried to get behind their hero. “The Hulkster” seemed out until he found the power to kick his way out of a face clutch. Flying clothesline by The Undertaker took Hogan’s momentum. ‘Taker followed up with the Tombstone Piledriver … only for Hogan to pop up immediately!

Hogan punched ‘Taker to one knee before slamming “The Dead Man”. Suddenly, Ric Flair came to ringside. Hogan exited the ring, knocking Flair on his butt. Hogan reentered the ring, hitting the Big Boot on Undertaker in preparation for the Leg Drop. Paul Bearer tripped Hogan, causing the champion to pull Bearer onto the apron. As the referee tried to get the intervening manager off the apron, Flair slid a steel chair into the ring. The challenger hoisted the distracted Hogan off his feet, hitting the Tombstone on the chair. Flair took the chair as the referee turned around, counting Hogan down to make The Undertaker the new WWF champion!


Winner: The Undertaker (13:21)


Is It A Classic: It’s not a bad match, but definitely drags during The Undertaker’s offense during the middle. It’s always interesting and rare to see Hogan show fear to his opponent, adding a lot to the match when Undertaker seemed to be impervious to pain. It’s definitely a match featuring a historic moment. But the action itself doesn’t meet classic standards.

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