Chris Hero vs. Eddie Edwards

Background: This was the last opening round match in Ring of Honor’s annual “Survival of the Fittest” tournament featuring ROH Television champion Eddie Edwards and former stable mate and current ROH World Tag Team titleholder Chris Hero


Survival of the Fittest 2010

Dearborn, MI

November 12, 2010


Eddie Edwards vs. Chris Hero




Both men were looking to get a good grip of the other to take them to the mat, but their techniques were almost canceling that plan out. Almost because Hero gave up on the wrestling, kneeing Edwards in position for a senton splash. Edwards got his knees up, stunning Hero long enough for the TV champ to unleash some blistering knife-edge chops. Hero tried to fight back, firing off a Rolling Elbow. The TV champ blocked the attack; chopping Hero off his feet before putting him in a rear chin lock. Suplex by Edwards after Hero freed himself from the submission by jaw breaking Eddie. Chris Hero used the Irish whip to flee outside. Hero’s manager Shane Hagadorn jumped on the apron, distracting Edwards long enough for the Tag Team champion to yank Eddie to ringside before Hero tossed him against the barricades. The blow knocked Eddie loopy.

Hero’s flash kick didn’t help matters in Eddie Edwards regaining his bearings. Once again, “Die Hard” blocked Hero’s suplex attempt, using one of his own as a counter. The fans were behind the American Wolf as he chopped Hero. Eddie bounced off the ropes, only to be dropped by the Heihachi Deathblow. Somehow, Edwards stumbled to his feet before being counted down. The TV champ demanded Hero to bring the fire, and “That Young Knockout Kid” did just that with several right hands. Eddie exploded with a flying knee strike in response. Hero took two elbows, throwing a big boot to stop Eddie as he scaled the ropes.

The Tag Team champ met Eddie on their perched setting, attempting to superplex Eddie to the floor. Instead, Edwards dumped Hero groin first across the top rope in prone position for the super hurricarana that gave Edwards a near fall. Eddie tossed Hero to the floor, only for Chris Hero to catch himself. In his attempt to skin the cat, “Die Hard” dropkicked the upside-down Hero in the face. Running across the ring, Edwards sailed through the ropes, hitting the tope. Eddie landed horribly on his right shoulder. When the TV champ got to his feet, he started rotating his shoulder in hopes of fixing whatever was wrong. Edwards ignored his possible injury to go for a pin on Hero. Chris Hero kicked out as Hagadorn jumped on the apron. Hero wanted to Rolling Elbow Eddie from behind, but Eddie avoided the attack, causing Hero to strike Hagadorn. The distressed Hero was easily cradled and hooked in the Achilles Lock. Eddie wrenched on the hold with everything he had, forcing his fellow champion to tap out.


Winner: Eddie Edwards (13:44)


Is It A Classic: Eddie Edwards and Chris Hero were on their way to a very good match until Edwards injured himself. They did a great job setting the stage for the finals, but with Eddie’s injury, the match ended up falling short of must-see.

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