Billy Graham vs. Angel Rivera

Background: Following his one-year anniversary as a member of the American Wrestling Association (AWA) promotion, “Superstar” Billy Graham looked to showcase his physical gifts against someone not quite up to his stature.


All Star Wrestling

October 6, 1973



Billy Graham vs. Angel Rivera


Billy Graham


As a pre-match requirement, “Superstar” Billy Graham demanded that he arm-wrestled his opponent in the ring. Though Rivera looked to be in good shape, Graham easily overpowered Angel.

When the bell sounded for the pro-wrestling match, Graham unleashed a slew of strikes that left Rivera stuck against the turnbuckles. “Superstar” pulled Rivera out of the corner for a sloppy body slam, and the three count.


Winner: Billy Graham (0:39)


Is It A Classic: This is the definition of a “squash” to build Graham as a bad man. Poor Rivera got totaled in barely half a minute. Nothing to see here if you’re not into guys being beaten down for thirty seconds.

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