Sara Del Rey vs. Amazing Kong

Background: After four months as SHIMMER champion, Sara Del Rey found herself being challenged by almost every woman in the company. But only one truly deserved a shot – the undefeated Amazing Kong (Kharma).


SHIMMER Volume 15

Berwyn, IL

October 13, 2007


Sara Del Rey vs. Amazing Kong


Sara Del Rey vs Amazing Kong


Del Rey immediately took the fight to Kong, knocking her to the floor before diving on top of her challenger with the tope. Sara reentered the ring, accidentally letting Kong get a chance to recover. When Kong entered the ring, the wrestling didn’t last long as both women tried to knock the other down with some heavy strikes. Kong was the successful one with the body block that dropped the champion. Kong tried to weaken the legs of Del Rey, but Sara fought back, going after the arms of her challenger. Kong stopped the submission, kicking Sara away before avalanching Del Rey in the corner.

Sara wanted some rest by going to the floor, but Kong was on her heels, slamming the champion into the guardrails. Kong went for a chair shot, but missed. Sara took the chance, reversing an Irish whip into the steel guardrails, then the ring steps. This only infuriated Kong, who sent Del Rey into the rails again. With Del Rey loopy, the challenger rushed Sara into the steel ring post. Amazing Kong knew she had to win it in the ring, luring the champ back in with a test of strength. It took both of Del Rey’s arms to bring down one of Kong’s. Del Rey broke the hold, snap marring Kong before senton splashing her for a two count. Sara Del Rey tried to keep Kong grounded with a front face lock, but Kong powered her way to a vertical base, biting her way out of the hold. Sara somehow got Kong down after avoiding another avalanche. When Kong kicked out of Del Rey’s follow up pin, she clotheslined the champion down. The champion tried to roll Kong up, but couldn’t hold her down for those three seconds.

Del Rey hit the ropes for a cross body block. Kong caught the champ, slamming her before dropping a big leg across her chest. Amazing Kong was in control for sure, knocking Del Rey down with forearms anytime she tried to fight back. Del Rey was able to reverse a whip into the ropes, pulling Kong down before going after that left arm again. Del Rey used a head butt, only for it to have no affect. Kong slapped the taste out of the champ’s mouth, but Del Rey kept fighting, nearly rolling Kong up for a three count. With Kong on her knees, Sara unleashed a slew of hip attacks. Sara Del Rey tried to get a pin after an impressive moonsault, but couldn’t follow up with her Royal Butterfly finisher. Kong turned the maneuver attempt into the Implant Buster. After the failed pin, Kong ran up the ropes for the amazing splash. Del Rey moved in time to avoid the body crushing attack, grabbing Kong for a German suplex when the challenger got up. Unsuccessful, Sara was taken back with two spinning back fists. Somehow, Sara got behind Kong, German suplexing Kong!

Both women were down until the eight count after that amazing sight. Once again, Kong fought her way out of the Royal Butterfly, going for the Awesome Bomb. The champ blocked it, kicking Kong in the head before executing the Royal Butterfly! When Sara went for the pin, Kong back fisted her down. The referee started counting the women down. Del Rey made it to her feet at nine. Kong couldn’t get up by the ten count, allowing Del Rey to win.


Winner: Sara Del Rey (16:40)


Is It A Classic: What an incredible bout and, easily, one of the most unique matches in SHIMMER history. It’s hard hitting, very Japanese style bout that paid off incredibly by showcasing Del Rey as a survivor unlike any other woman who had faced Kong. Kong retained her monster aura by losing without being pinned or submitted. A must-see match to say the least.

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