Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jon Moxley

Background: Jimmy Jacobs saw a lot of himself in Jon “Dean Ambrose” Moxley, especially after Moxley almost clotheslined Jacobs’ love’s – Lacey – head off. Challenging Moxley to a Chicago Street Fight, Jacobs promised to do something he thought he’d never do again.


Untouchable 2010

Chicago, IL

September 25, 2010


Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jon Moxley


Jon Moxley

Before the match, Jimmy Jacobs came out wearing the coat he wore when he hung Jay Briscoe above the ring and drank his blood. Underneath the coat was Jacobs’ old “Huss” gear. Dey’s a clubberin’ in She-Ca-Goo, Tony! The action was going all around the building, but is barely seen thanks to the poor lighting. When the lights finally made it to the battling men, Jacobs had dropped Moxley in position for a big elbow drop off a nearby chair. The action finally made it back to ringside, where chairs littered the area. Moxley’s valet got in the middle of the action, getting kicked in the face by Moxley by accident. Spear-End Time combination by Jacobs had Jon in a bad way. Moxley somehow survived the submission, powering his way off the mat before hitting Moxicillen.

Moxley was kneeing Jacobs’ face to his heart’s content. Grabbing the chain Jacobs wore to the ring, Moxley tried to do some dental and facial work on Jimmy. Jacobs started hussing up, feeling impervious to the pain Moxley was administering. Running big boot from Jacobs almost gained him the three count. Jacobs took too much time posing on the top rope, getting caught and superplexed. Moxley was looking to knock Jacobs out with the chain, but met a pair of railroad spikes to the face. Moxley was busted wide open from his forehead.

Before Moxley could recover, Jacobs wrapped the chain around his neck to hang Moxley over the top rope. Big senton splash by Jacobs when Moxley slipped free of the steel noose. Once again, it was Jimmy playing to the crowd that cost him as he fell into a clothesline. Using the railroad spike, Jacobs stabbed Moxley into the Contra Code … for a two count!

Jacobs wrapped the chain around Moxley’s neck to accent his second attempt at the End Time. Before Moxley could submit, fellow Kamikaze member YAMATO attacked Jimmy. Moxley went for the pin, but only gained a near fall. Brodie Lee was there to take YAMATO to the back so Moxley and Jacobs could go one on one again. Springboard ace crusher by Jacobs was used to set up the spear. Instead, Jacobs got kneed in position for the Hook & Ladder … for a two count!

The snap DDT also couldn’t put Jacobs away. Using the top of a chair to rattle Jacobs’ insides, Moxley used the chain and Jacobs’ coat to hood Jimmy’s head. Moxley started wearing Jacobs out with the steel chair before pinning him.


Winner: Jon Moxley (13:23)


Is It A Classic: An interesting brawl that definitely signified the beginning of a barbaric rivalry. Though they didn’t hold too much back, you could tell they were setting the foundation for something greater.

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