Bret Hart vs. Irwin R. Schyster

Background: This was the final match of the 1991 King of the Ring tournament.


King of the Ring ‘91

September 7, 1991

Providence, RI


Bret Hart vs. Irwin R. Schyster


Bret Hart Entrance


Being the villain that he was, IRS immediately went to the ropes when things didn’t go his way on the mat. Using the bottom rope for leverage, IRS almost pinned Hart while “The Hitman” hooked him in a side headlock. Hart repositioned himself, setting up several two counts on his opponent. Both men got up, on for IRS to be hip tossed and clotheslined for another two count. IRS ended up stuck in a hammerlock, having to work his way to the ropes to free himself.

IRS lured Bret to the floor, blind siding him so he could slam the Intercontinental champion against the floor. When Bret made it back in, IRS held him to the mat with an arm lock accented by IRS’ usage of the ropes behind him for leverage. Big knee-leg drop combination by IRS when Bret tried to fight back. Just as IRS had everything in control, Bret sidestepped him when he ran after “The Hitman” following an Irish whip against the corner.

Hart was looking for a pin off of his patented suplexes and backbreakers. When those attacks didn’t help Hart pick up the win, he whipped IRS into the ropes. Hart ran into a boot to the mouth and was sent to the floor. IRS waited for Hart to pull himself onto the apron for a clubbing forearm to the chest. Hart tried to set up a sunset flip, but flipped into a right hand. IRS took his time, giving Hart the chance to recover and sunset flip him for the three count.


Winner: Bret Hart (9:35)


Is It A Classic: Not necessarily. A fun, paint-by-the-numbers type of bout, but not a classic.

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