Ultimate Warrior & Legion of Doom vs. Demolition

Background: The Legion of Doom arrived in the WWF a few months earlier, and immediately came after the men many claimed were Road Warrior imposters. But Road Warrior Animal & Hawk found themselves in a two-on-three situation against Demolition when Smash and Ax added Crush to their group. So the Warriors had to find a third hand to help them in their fight against Demolition. And the L.O.D. found the Ultimate Warrior.


SuperTape 3

September 21, 1990

New York, NY


Ultimate Warrior & Legion of Doom vs. Demolition



Before the bell sounded, the WWF champion Warrior and L.O.D. clotheslined all Demolition members to the floor to a huge ovation from the raucous Madison Square Garden crowd. When the bell rang, Warrior gave his power to The Road Warriors by pulling a Benny Hinn. It seemingly worked for Road Warrior Animal when he survived the blindsided onslaught from Smash, power slamming Smash and arm wringing Crush in position for Hawk to come in an drop the double axe handle off of the top rope. The irresistible force met the immovable object when Hawk and Crush clashed, bringing boos from the crowd as Crush dominated his fellow power wrestler. So when Hawk couldn’t out-power Crush, Hawk started flying. A dropkick-shoulder tackle combination from Hawk set up that always-impressive fist drop for a two count.

Ax tagged in, only for Ultimate Warrior to do the same. Series of kicks from Warrior powered him up. Clotheslines and body slams from the Warrior dropped all three members of Demolition. Ax was in position for the Warrior Splash when he moved at the last second, sending the WWF champion abdomen first against the canvas. Warrior, though hurt, was doing his best to fight off Crush and Smash after Ax pitched Warrior to the floor. The crowd got behind Warrior, forcing the champion to fire off right hands. Sadly for Warrior, one punch or forearm to Warrior’s stomach dropped him. The L.O.D. tried to help Warrior after the WWF champion got stuck on the wrong part of town, bringing enough chaos that allowed Warrior to tag out to Animal.

Big clotheslines from Animal had Ax and Crush reeling. Animal called for the Doomsday Device on Ax, only for Crush to knock Animal off of his feet. The once red-hot Animal was stuck in Crush’s clutches, being bear-hugged. Once again, it was the fans that helped turn the tides as Animal slipped free, putting Crush in a bear-hug of his own. Thankfully for Crush, Ax was there to save his partner. Like Warrior minutes ago, Animal was stuck in the Demo’s corner. Warrior rallied the crowd behind Animal as Smash and Ax tried to make Animal submit. Animal valiantly fought through Ax and Smash’s holds, catching Crush with a clothesline so he could eventually tag out to the fired up Warrior.

The crowd exploded as Warrior bounced off of the ropes, clotheslining Smash in position for the flying shoulder tackle. Warrior Splash on Smash after The L.O.D. knocked Ax and Crush off of the apron gained Warrior the three count and a huge ovation.


Winners: Ultimate Warrior & Legion of Doom (13:05)


Is It A Classic: What would you expect from a match featuring these six men? A bruising brawl topped off by some classic tag team wrestling? If that’s what’s on your mind, then this is the match for you. It’s not fancy, but it works. Not only that, but the crowd was going absolutely crazy mostly throughout this match; making this match an even more fun experience that didn’t overstay its welcome.

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