Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Terry Gordy

Background: Dubbed “The Battle of the Bam Bams”, ECW brought together a dream match featuring two of the biggest, toughest men in wrestling history – Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy and Bam Bam Bigelow.


“ECW: Extreme Warfare Vol. 2”

Philadelphia, PA

October 5, 1996


Terry Gordy vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

Intense lock up turned into a big brawl that saw Bigelow dropkick Gordy to the floor after popping up following a belly to back suplex. Missing the baseball slide, Bigelow was wide open for several right hands. They were exchanging ring post face slams. As the action returned inside, Gordy unleashed a dropkick of his own after no selling a belly to back suplex. Like his fellow Bam Bam, Gordy missed a baseball slide. Big chair shot to the back of Gordy by Bigelow. After suplexing Gordy back in, Bigelow looked to slow things down with a rear chin lock. When Gordy fought out of the hold, Bigelow kneed Gordy in position for a DDT … to gain a near fall!

Two clotheslines from Gordy put Bigelow in position for a rear chin lock of his own. Instead of elbowing his way out of the hold, Bigelow Samoan dropped Gordy to attain another two count.

Letting Gordy get up proved bad for Bigelow as Gordy exploded off of the ropes with clothesline that sent both men over the top rope. Rattling Bigelow’s spine with two chair shots allowed Gordy to slam Bigelow face first through the timekeeper’s table. Like Bigelow, Gordy slowed the pace down thanks to the rear chin lock. Bigelow made it to the ropes, only to be squashed by Gordy’s butt. Gordy missed the running elbow drop, but not the bulldog. Countering the belly to back suplex in midair, Bigelow almost pinned Gordy.

Getting up, both men were thinking clotheslines, taking each other down. They got up before the referee’s teen count, only to collide seconds later when both went for cross body blocks. As Bigelow called for the referee, The Eliminators of John Kronus and Perry Saturn rushed the ring, hitting Total Elimination on Gordy before he could end Bigelow’s night with the Asiatic Spike.

When Bigelow saw The Eliminators fleeing, he scaled the ropes, executing the flying headbutt to pin the legend.


Winner: Bam Bam Bigelow (10:40)


Is It A Classic: It’s sad this match didn’t happen six years earlier, or it’d be one of the greatest big man clashes in wrestling history. Instead, you have Bigelow working hard with a guy who was trying his best to do something special, but his body just wouldn’t allow it anymore.

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