Bryan Danielson vs. Tyler Black

Background: Looking to keep the momentum strong in the Jimmy Jacobs-led group known as the Age of the Fall, Tyler “Seth Rollins” Black challenged former ROH World champion Bryan “Daniel Bryan” Danielson to a match in Dayton.



Dayton, OH

January 25, 2008


Bryan Danielson vs. Tyler Black


Danielson vs. Black


Unlike typical “American Dragon” matches, Black actually held his own with Danielson on the mat, getting a little cocky in the process. Bryan slapped the cockiness out of Black against the turnbuckles after finally cornering Black. Black was too frustrated to think, giving Danielson an easy chance to wrestle Black to the mat, torturing him in the surfboard that turned into a dragon sleeper. After rocking Tyler with forearms, Danielson hit the ropes for some momentum. Black started running behind Danielson, pushing Danielson out of the ring before Bryan could come off with an attack. Black followed up with a suplex on the floor, using the guardrails to his advantage. Black even used the barricades to moonsault the downed “American Dragon.”

Remembering the slaps by Danielson from earlier, Black returned the favor. After whipping Danielson into the corner, Black dropkicked Danielson square in the jaw. Black started hitting some combos that had Danielson wondering where he was. Black pulled Danielson up, slapping him in the face. Danielson started to fire up due to the slaps, hitting the ropes before unleashing a European uppercut. Danielson picked up the pace, coming off the top with a missile dropkick that sent Black to the floor. Danielson dove on top of him, bringing the fans to their feet. Black blocked the suplex back in, suplexing Danielson to the floor before hitting that twisting back flip plancha.

Black followed up with a flapjack into a front kick to the chest of Bryan before slapping Danielson as hard as he could. Black started stomping like a mule, only to run into two Danielson sized boots. Danielson hooked Black’s arms, stomping Black’s head. The referee stopped Danielson, causing a near fall contest. A clothesline collision followed, causing the fans to give a nice Japanese style clap. Danielson pulled Black to the mat, locking in Cattle Mutilation. Black refused to tap, rolling through before rushing Danielson into the turnbuckles.

Danielson held on, doing the same thing to Black before putting Black on the top for the belly to back superplex. Black valiantly kicked out after the move, causing Danielson to attempt to knock Black out with the elbows. Danielson floated over into Cattle Mutilation again. Black rolled through the move once again, flipping out of the tiger suplex before knocking Danielson down with an enzuguri. After a big boot, Black hit Paroxysm for a near fall. Black headed to the top for the Phoenix Splash, hitting it; only for Danielson to small package Black upon impact and attain the three count.


Winner: Bryan Danielson (23:25)


Instead of taking his loss like a man, Black grabbed the ring bell, hammering the face of Danielson. The Briscoes ran out to make the save, with Jay stating that the belts would be coming back to Delaware. The funny thing during The Briscoes’ promo is the fact Danielson is laid out in between them the whole time, and they make no acknowledgement of it.


Is It A Classic: Before his clash with Nigel McGuinness a few months later, this was Tyler Black’s breakout performance in ROH. While there’s something to be said about Danielson being able to have a great match with most anyone, Black proved here that he had the potential of being in the upper echelon of ROH wrestlers by not only hanging with “The Best Wrestler in the World,” but also by stealing the show while doing so. A great match and an easy recommendation.

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