Colt Cabana vs. Jimmy Jacobs

Background: Months earlier, love sick Jimmy Jacobs found his crush/manager Lacey in the throws of passion thanks to Colt Cabana. When Lacey looked to form a tag team with Jacobs and Cabana, the Chicago native shot down the offer while stating that Lacey was nothing more than a one night stand. Looking to defend his potential lady’s honor, Jimmy Jacobs initiated a blood feud that would culminate in Cabana’s hometown of all places.


5th Year Festival: Chicago

Chicago, IL

February 24, 2007


Colt Cabana vs. Jimmy Jacobs


Colt Cabana vs Jimmy Jacobs


Colt Cabana came out, preparing to beat Jimmy Jacobs with the Chicago flag. Cabana decided chairs were better in this kind of fight. Jacobs was able to avoid the wild swings, but Cabana had a whole bunch of hatred and, of course, crowd support to easily turn the tides in this fight when he needed to. Cabana propped Jimmy on a table, but Lacey stopped him from splashing Jacobs through the wood. Lacey tried to jump Cabana, but got caught in Cabana’s arms. This gave Jacobs the chance to clip the left knee of Cabana. Lacey was going to punch Cabana in the groin, but got stopped by Daizee Haze. Daze chased Lacey to the back as Cabana slammed Jacobs’ head in each corner. Cabana jumped the floor, pulling out a ladder.

Before Cabana could slip the ladder in, Jacobs dropkicked the ladder into Cabana’s chest. Cabana was able to comeback with the bionic elbow. When Jacobs’ head rose from the mat, he was bleeding. Cabana revealed he had scissors in his elbow pad. Cabana wanted to drive the scissors into Jacobs’ face. Jimmy moved, causing Cabana to impale the top turnbuckle. Jacobs whacked the shocked Cabana in the back with a chair before looking for his railroad spike. Cabana pulled out the spike from his kneepad, splitting Jacobs’ head further. Jacobs was able to crotch Cabana on the middle rope, using the flagpole to break the back of Cabana. Jacobs used the broken flagpole to hammer the jagged wood into Cabana’s face. Cabana was bleeding as bad as Jacobs at this point. Cabana watched as Jacobs used the Chicago flag to wipe the blood from his eyes.

Jacobs grabbed the chair to beat Cabana around the ring. Jacobs tried to execute the Contra Code, but got spiked in the head with the scissors instead. Cabana was ready to end it, but Brent Albright ran out, suplexing Cabana on his head. Thankfully for Cabana, BJ Whitmer was here to help him. Whitmer disposed of both Jacobs and Albright, allowing Cabana to drop on both men. Cabana pulled out a hammer from underneath the ring before grabbing the railroad spike. Cabana missed the spike, hammering the top of Jacobs’ head. If that wasn’t enough, Cabana started throwing chairs at Jacobs before moonsaulting Jacobs for a near fall. Cabana grabbed the ladder, setting it up between the ring and the guardrails. Jacobs was setting up a table on the other side. Lacey ran out, pushing Cabana on top of the table from the top rope. Jacobs was looking to senton splash Cabana through the table from the top of the ladder. And Jacobs did just that. Jacobs pushed Cabana back in for a shocking near fall. Jacobs set up another ladder, this time in the corner of the ring. Jacobs was going to spear Cabana through it, but Cabana sidestepped it, sending Jacobs through the table. Cabana grabbed one of Lacey’s shoes, spiking Jimmy in the face before Colt 45’ing both Lacey and Jacobs to get the bloody victory.


Winner: Colt Cabana (22:55)


Is It A Classic: What a barbaric, brutal affair that is the perfect way to end a blood feud. Probably one of the most unheralded matches of 2007 simply because there were so many great bouts in ROH that year, but deserves to be seen from a wrestling and story perspective that wrapped up one story while continuing another that would change the landscape of the company by the year’s end.


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