Colt Cabana vs. Steve Corino

Background: The long-running feud between Kevin Steen and El Generico pulled in mutual friends turned enemies Steve Corino and Colt Cabana, leading to an I Quit match between Corino and Cabana.


Richards vs. Daniels

Chicago, IL

October 16, 2010


Colt Cabana vs. Steve Corino



Rather than brawling, Cabana tried to submit Corino until “The Trouble King” exited to ringside. Corino reversed an Irish whip, sending Colt into the steel barricades. As Corino gouged Cabana’s face, Steen got into it with a fan; leading to the Steen and this Cabana shirt wearing fan exchanging a mouth on mouth kiss. Already, this is one of the most disturbing I Quit matches I’ve watched. The action returned inside, with Corino putting Cabana in the figure four leg lock. Colt turned the tables with the fans cheering him on the whole time. Colt tried to spin Corino into the Billy Goat’s Curse, but Corino found his way to the floor again. Cabana followed, punching Steen in the face before avoiding a wild right hand from Corino that ended up connecting with Kevin Steen’s face. Going back to the gouging, Corino found some time to toss some chairs into the ring. Corino took too much time gathering chairs, getting caught in Cattle Mutilation for a near submission.

Corino freed himself, clotheslining Cabana off his feet. Using his wrist tape, Corino tried to choke out Cabana. Corino propped one of those chairs between the top and middle turnbuckles after kicking Colt between the goal posts. Retrieving a bottle of Budweiser, Corino broke the bottle in hopes of stabbing Colt’s head. Instead, Corino felt the broken glass across his left arm when Colt took the bottle from Corino after kicking him. Bloody and full of glass, Corino still refused to give up as Cabana raked the former container across Corino’s arm. Even when Corino tried to fight back, his hurt arm stopped whatever submission he had in mind. Cabana used an Irish whip to his advantage, dropkicking Steen before locking Corino in the Billy Goat’s Curse. Before Corino could give up, Steen ran in. Cabana rocked the mouthing Steen, punching him in position for the Flying Apple. When Colt turned to rush “Mr. Wrestling”, Colt ran into “Mr. Wrestling 3’s” huge lariat. With Cabana down, Steen had the opportunity to be freed from his straightjacket thanks to an eager Corino.

After taking a running knife-edge chop, Cabana was almost crushed by Steen’s cannonball in the corner. Kevin Steen grabbed a table, helping Corino set it up facing the turnbuckles. Colt stopped whatever Corino had in mind when he hoisted Cabana onto his shoulders, but Corino quickly halted his momentum. With Cabana’s arms wrenched behind him, Corino warned Colt that he and Steen would kill him if he didn’t quit. When Colt refused to give Corino the satisfaction of hearing those match-ending words, Steen grabbed a chair in hopes of caving Colt’s head in. Thankfully, several wrestlers and referees hit the ring to save Cabana. Colt got to his feet during the ruckus, clobbering both Steen and Corino with the chair. Grabbing the straightjacket and wrapping it around Steve Corino, Colt disabled Corino’s torso before unleashing a sick chair shot. Power bomb through the table Corino set up put Steve in position for a little gouging from Cabana. Rather than using his hands, Cabana channeled Magnum T.A. and utilized a broken piece of the table to rip Corino’s head open. Through the blood pouring down his face, and the screams of agony, Steve Corino cried, “Yes, I quit!”


Winner: Colt Cabana (16:59)


Is It A Classic: What an underrated match. They nicely built off both men’s characteristics and wrestling styles before bringing the violence associated with the match Gordon Solie famously said revolves around, “Two words, five letters.” A great footnote in ROH’s best feud of 2010.

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