Edge vs. Matt Hardy

Background: Life began imitating art in 2005 when the personal relationship between Lita, Matt Hardy and Edge spilled onto the screen when WWE allowed Hardy & Edge to get out their frustrations over Hardy & Lita’s broken romantic relationship due to Edge’s involvement on the grand stage of “SummerSlam”.



Washington, D.C.

August 21, 2005


Edge vs. Matt Hardy



This is the first match between Hardy and Edge after Matt found out Lita was cheating on him with Edge. Matt was able to get the jump on the woman stealer, even locking in a guillotine choke. But Edge, being the cagey sex addict that he was, turned the match around in his favor with a spear off the apron. Matt made a spirited comeback, hammering Edge with jaw cracking haymakers. Edge saw that he was in a bad position, getting punches rained on him. Edge was able to get underneath Matt, slamming Hardy’s face into the top of the steel ring post. When Matt made it back in, it was visible that the post split open Hardy’s forehead. Edge, like a shark smelling blood, nearly broke his right hand on Matt’s head. When Edge couldn’t use his hand anymore, Edge just laid in some sick boots to the side of Matt’s head. The referee, seeing that Matt was completely out of it, stopped the match.


Winner: Edge (4:50)


Is It A Classic: Well that was fun while it lasted. This was a heated brawl from bell to bell that was hindered by an ending that was meant to leave something for the future, but left the crowd incredibly dissatisfied as WWE pulled off something rarely seen in mainstream wrestling at that time. Even though they had longer, technically better matches shortly after this show, none of them had the same level of intensity and visceral nature as this bout.



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