El Generico vs. Roderick Strong

Background: During his reign as ROH World champion, Roderick Strong went out of his way to not only defeat El Generico, but embarrass him by using the numbers advantage that came with being a member of Truth Martini’s “House of Truth” faction to ensue the masked man stayed out of the World title picture. Generico was able to make The House pay by winning the Television Championship from member Truth Martini. Roderick, having lost the World title to Eddie Edwards, wanted to regain his spot in title contention by finally ending his feud with the then-new TV champion inside a steel cage.


No Escape

July 9, 2011

Charlotte, NC


 El Generico vs. Roderick Strong


Roderick Strong vs El Generico ROH Steel Cage


Rather than wait for Strong to make it down the aisle, Generico jumped him. Roderick was on defense early as Generico turned an Irish whip against Strong by diving off the barricade instead of colliding with it. After tossing Strong into the caged ring, Generico felt someone grab his boot. Generico turned to find Truth Martini. Strong used this distraction to his advantage by swinging the steel cage door into the masked face of Generico when Generico turned his attention back to the cage entrance. Instead of dragging Generico into the cage, Strong dropped the TV champion chest first across the steel barricade before whacking Generico with the “Book of Truth”.

The action finally entered the ring; where Strong pitched Generico head first against the steel mesh in hopes of ending this one quickly. Half nelson backbreaker by Strong didn’t get him the three count, but didn’t upset Strong either. Roderick took his sweet time grinding Generico’s masked face into the mesh. Even when Generico tried to fight back, Strong stopped him with one quick attack – such as a leg lariat.

Hooking Generico for a suplex attempt almost cost Strong when Generico countered with a small package. Strong kicked out, only to run into a back body drop that sent Strong back first against the cage. From one side of the cage to the other, Generico slammed Strong’s face into. Generico was looking for blood. With Strong stuck between the ropes and cage, Generico unleashed a sick yakuza kick. Generico couldn’t believe it when Strong not only kicked out of the champ’s follow up blue thunder bomb, but also the Michinoku driver. Stropping the yakuza kick in the corner with a cradle, Roderick was able to connect with that kneeling super kick when Generico kicked out.

Roderick was looking for that double knee gut-buster, but had to switch his strategy when Generico fought back. Roderick exploded off the mat with the flying knee strike, but only gained a near fall from the attack. The House of Truth member couldn’t follow up on his failed pin properly when Generico caught him running with a overhead wrist clutch suplex into the turnbuckles that dropped Roderick on his head while putting him in position for that yakuza kick in the corner. In a shocking show of fortitude, Strong stopped the Brain Buster by suplexing Generico into the cage. When Generico bounced to his feet, he took a Sick Kick … but kicked out before the three count!

A series of forearms from Strong only fired Generico up until Strong hit another knee strike. Strong gained a running start, only to run into an arm drag that set Roderick up for another yakuza kick in the corner. With Strong staggered, Generico hoisted the former World champion off the mat to execute the Brain Buster. Generico made the cover, but to the shock of many, didn’t get the three count. Generico decided he wanted to scale the ropes. Strong recovered in time to stop Generico’s ascent by crotching him on the top rope. A forearm series-Sick Kick combo rattled Generico, but didn’t put him away. Strong couldn’t believe it when Generico kicked out of Strong’s gut-buster-Gibson Driver combo, but didn’t let Generico get away from him. Hoisting Generico across the top rope, Roderick had something huge in mind. Generico elbowed his way to freedom before knocking Roderick off the top rope by slamming Strong’s head against the top of the cage.

Generico motioned to the crowd that he wanted to soar off the top. Thanks to Truth Martini, Roderick wasn’t the Don Muraco to Generico’s Jimmy Snuka. Strong yanking Generico off the ropes only gave Generico the chance to yakuza kick Martini from his perch. When Generico turned around, Generico yakuza kicked Strong as well. The TV champion hooked Strong, executing that top turnbuckle Brain Buster! Quickly making the cover, Generico pinned Strong to end this war.


Winner: El Generico (17:52)


Is It A Classic: As well as Generico and Strong work together – as they did here – something about the match just felt off. Maybe it was the lack of blood, or something I just can’t quite put my finger on, but the match just didn’t come off as a big feud ender. Yes, Generico got his big win, but still…. I don’t know. As a match, it was entertaining. As the end of a feud, it just didn’t feel epic enough.

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