Extraordinary People

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” – Jimmy Johnson


Recently I had the opportunity to visit my mother’s home church for its Revival/Homecoming week. The sights and sounds of seeing family members and friends who one normally wouldn’t encounter beyond funerals usually highlight the experience. But this year was a little different. Before the mingling and eating, the church’s pastor Karlos Johnson gave a longer-than-usual sermon; a sermon that warranted all the time he used and then some.

Pastor Johnson spoke about true believers becoming complacent not only with their rudimentary, almost predictable lives, but also becoming stagnant in their beliefs of what God could do for them (and not just in the material sense as spoken by many a “prosperity preacher”). Pastor Johnson’s words struck accord with me as less than a week earlier I stood outside of my home making a personal declaration to be happy with my life, but not become complacent and fail to reach my potential.

You don’t have to be a believer to truly accept the folly of satisfaction. We are all able to do great things during our existences (be it something grand like creating the next Facebook or simply helping someone in need out of the kindness of your heart), but can become complacent and let our talents go to waste. We have the ability to be extraordinary, but only if we believe we can take that next step.

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