Holding Onto Hope

“To live without hope is to cease to live.” – Fyodor Dostoevsky


This world has a way of beating our brow like the hot summer sun. We are reminded constantly of our past failures, or lack of progression in the current time, or our failure to understand what the future holds. The relics of our past can cripple our present and future. Our present can make us forget the treasures of our past and the unseen potential before us. And our future is too uncertain to grasp. These dilemmas we face can and will stop us, tears us down, and/or leave us for dead.

So what keeps us going? What gets us out of the bed in the morning to face the day when our world looks so gray and desolate? Hope. Hope is a simple, four letter word that represents one of the most powerful emotions bestowed upon humanity. Hope allows us to see the wheat from the chaff; to press forward when it seems our past was too crippling and our future is too bleak. Hope reminds us that our present is the fallout from our before and the building blocks of our after. And just like anything both inanimate and animate, hope can be lost if we’re not careful.

Recognize the basis of your hope. See where and why your hope comes from and cling onto it. Never let that hopeful feeling go no matter the circumstance or the outcome. For without hope, we are nothing more than birds with a broken wing and lacking a song; unable to fly toward our destination and surround the world with our story.

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