Hulk Hogan vs. Big Boss Man

Background: In the long-running feud between Hulk Hogan and Slick’s Twin Towers tag team, Hogan had the chance to gear up for his WWF Heavyweight title match at “Wrestlemania V” by fighting the Big Boss Man inside a steel cage.


Prime Time Wrestling

Boston, MA

March 18, 1989


Hulk Hogan vs. Big Boss Man



Hulk Hogan pulled the old Pearl Harbor job on the Big Boss Man by attacking him from behind as he entered the cage to the delight of everyone in attendance. The Big Boot from Hogan dropped his opponent early and allowed “The Hulkster” to make a quick exit by climbing the cage. Boss Man stopped Hogan halfway up not once, but twice before slamming the former Heavyweight champion. Like his opponent, Hogan stopped Boss Man’s ascent; slamming the rogue cop face first against the cage. Boss Man recovered quickly, reversing an Irish whip to execute the spine buster. Rather than easily leave, Boss Man grabbed a piece of rope provided by BBM’s manager Slick. The crowd didn’t like what they were seeing, or what followed when Boss Man attained a steel chain that he wrapped around his right hand. Hogan, still in this fight, stopped a steel punch as well as his face meeting the steel cage against his will.

Both opponents were down and leaving the referee to wonder if they could continue. Counting both men down, the referee realized this match would continue when Hogan sat up a la The Undertaker a few years later. Hogan was making his way for the door when Boss Man stopped him. Right hands were coming from Hulk as was the suplex. Fired up and ready to knock the Big Boss Man out, Hogan punched him after wrapping that steel chain around his head. The first shot cut Boss Man’s forehead and the subsequent strikes turned half of his face into a proverbial crimson mask. Dropping the big Leg on Boss Man, Hogan decided it was time to leave. Slick knocked the referee down to make his way into the cage. Slick didn’t help his client much as he was knocked out and his handcuffs stolen by Hogan. “The Hulkster” handcuffed his opponent to the top rope, giving him an easy route out of the cage to attain the win.


Winner: Hulk Hogan (11:14)


Is It A Classic: A fun house show/live event style match that featured something you rarely saw in the WWF during that era: blood. It wasn’t one of Hogan’s classic matches, but an entertaining piece of business from one of wrestling’s greatest eras featuring two memorable key players in wrestling’s popularity at the time.


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