Jay Lethal vs. Matt Taven

Background: After losing the ROH Television Championship, Matt Taven was dumped by his manager Truth Martini and watched as Martini helped Jay Lethal become the new champion a few months later. Taven took it upon himself to gain not only a measure of revenge, but also take back his TV title during ROH’s inaugural “Field of Honor” event inside a Steel Cage match where if the champion won Taven couldn’t challenge for the gold as long as Jay Lethal was the champion. But if Taven became the new champion, he would also get five minutes in the cage with his former manager, Truth Martini.


Field of Honor

Brooklyn, NY

August 15th, 2014


Jay Lethal vs. Matt Taven



The challenger kicked this one off by diving through the cage door before Jay could enter. Big spin kick from Taven stopped the champ’s potential comeback. They were brawling around the cage as Truth Martini hid in the cage. Seleziya looked to get involved, but felt the steel as well. Once again, it was Taven’s obsession with Truth Martini that cost him as he entered the cage without keeping focus on the champion. Pearl Harbor job by the champ put him in control for several moments. Scaling the ropes, Lethal was looking to drop the big double axe handle when he flew into a right hand. Big dropkick caught Lethal on the chin, but Taven didn’t immediately follow up. Even taking a moment of self-adulation didn’t hinder Taven’s momentum. But the challenger’s predictable offense of throwing Jay against the cage allowed Lethal to reverse Taven’s intentions to slam Matt face first into the steel.

Jay scaled the ropes again (not before Truth Martini slid into home plate for a premature celebratory run). Yanking Jay off the top rope sent both men crashing against the mat. They got up throwing hands to the joy of the crowd. Rolling underneath a clothesline allowed Taven to kick Lethal into a brain buster … for a near fall!

Matt Taven took too much time setting up the Climax, giving the champion a chance to recover and execute his Lethal Combination … to gain a two count of his own!

Just when Lethal thought he could utilize Hail to the King, Matt Taven grabbed him and pulled the champion down via a super neck breaker. The attack left both men staggered, but the damage done by Lethal allowed him to recover faster and set up the Lethal Injection. Taven stopped the finisher, sending Lethal face first into the cage. Matt Taven was hosting a super kick party as he kicked the champion’s face as Lethal was stuck between the cage panel and the ropes. Seleziya had seen enough, scaling the cage in hopes of saving Lethal from defeat. Unfortunately for her, Seleziya was dropkicked from the cage, to the floor! Taven jumped to his feet, walking right into the Lethal Injection … for a two count!

No one could believe the challenger had kicked out. ROH Head of Security J. Diesel ran out to follow up on the bribe from Martini at “Best in the World” and unlock the cage door. Timing everything perfectly, Taven avoided a Lethal super kick to cause Jay to kick Diesel. Lethal Combination on the champion put Jay out in the ring’s middle. Matt Taven, climbing the cage, signaled for the end. Superfly splash by Matt Taven connected … but only gave him a near fall thanks to Truth Martini and a title belt shot to the back!

Matt Taven moved toward Martini, only to have the cage door slammed in his face. Lethal, who had obtained his title belt, whacked Taven between the eyes. The pin fall was elementary for another successful defense.


Winner: Jay Lethal (14:48)


Is It A Classic: While not the violent bloodbath usually reserved for high stakes Steel Cage matches, this was the epitome of everything about the feud both good & bad while delivering a great match for a historic show – arguably the best match of the entire event.

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