Kevin Nash vs. Sid Vicious

Background: Controversy struck WCW when Chris Benoit, one night after defeating Sid Vicious to become the new WCW World Heavyweight champion, left the company for the WWF – causing a vacating of the championship. Former champ Sid was placed in a match with self-appointed number one contender (and WCW Commissioner) Kevin Nash.


Monday Nitro

Los Angeles, CA

January 24, 2000


Kevin Nash vs. Sid Vicious


Sid Vicious vs Kevin Nash WCW


Stern collar & elbow tie up saw Sid muscle Nash off the mat for a slam into the leg drop to earn an early near fall. Big clothesline caught the stumbling Nash, putting him on the floor where he took his sweet time to regroup. The commissioner wanted a test of strength, using the grip to knee and back Sid into the corner. Paying Sid back with a clothesline of his own was Nash. Vicious fired back, drilling “Big Sexy” with right-handed punches and a double ax handle when the action spilled to the floor. The crowd was in the middle of the action as Nash rallied back, leading to a few fans helping the fallen Sid to his feet. Nash wanted to put Vicious to sleep. Nash seemed to be on the verge off choking Sid out when he was backed into the corner, crushing the referee between himself and the turnbuckles. Side unleashed a slew of offense while waiting for the ref to recover. Calling for the Power Bomb, Sid noticed Jeff Jarrett coming out with his trusty, infamous guitar. Sid easily disposed of Jarrett prior to bashing Nash on the head with the musical weapon. Smartly, Vicious fell to the mat, pretending to be hurt while Nash was stretched out as well. The referee rose, not knowing what just happened and started counting down both men. Crawling slowly, Sid made the cover and picked up the three count to a huge ovation.


Winner: Sid Vicious (6:17)


Is It A Classic: A solid big man affair. One could state they deserved more time, but under a double digit time limit made the bout a lot tighter and a lot less lumbering as seen when they wrestled in WWF almost half a decade ago. Not a classic, but a lot better than one would expect.

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