Kevin Steen & Steve Corino vs. El Generico & Colt Cabana

Background: Since December of the previous year, a friendship many thought would last for years ended abruptly at the hands of Steen. With Steve Corino by his side, Steen has found a new friend — and a new vision of life and friendship. By Generico stands another man who Steen feels did him wrong in their friendship in the form of Colt Cabana. In Chicago, these failed friendships would turn vicious as all four meet in a “Come As You Are” Street Fight.


Bitter Friends, Stiffer Enemies II

Chicago, IL

April 24, 2010


Kevin Steen & Steve Corino vs. El Generico & Colt Cabana



While everyone else had on outfits you’d expect for such a match, “Come as you are” for Corino is a nice, white suit usually reserved for weddings. The action started in the aisle, and ended up in the crowd seconds after the bell rang. Cabana had Steen stuck in a chair as Corino took chair toss after chair toss from El Generico. Steen fought back, knocking Cabana out of the way before chairing Generico. Steerino had their opponents reeling on the other side of the barricade. Steen’s want to stay behind the barricades and throw chairs came back to haunt him as Generico caught him with a somersault plancha after a running start, and the help of a chair Corino set up in hopes of suplexing Cabana across. When Generico grabbed Steen following the plancha, Kevin punched Generico in the junk. Steen’s sick, twisted actions of late continued when Steen bit Generico’s crotch. “The Generic Luchador” took a reasonable amount of time to recover as the action moved to the hard camera scaffolding. In an impressive show of agility, Generico sailed through the scaffolding, DDT’ing Corino before Steve could attack Cabana. Generico met Steen atop the scaffolding. They were going forearm for forearm until Steen hoisted Generico off his feet to execute a Michinoku driver on the unpadded steel and wood. Generico is down, and he might not be getting up.

Back at ringside — Cabana set up a table beside the ring. Steen stopped whatever Cabana had in mind with a chair shot to the back. As Steen and Colt tried to power bomb each other through the table, Corino tossed a slew of chairs into the ring. Generico was still immobile while Corino yanked a beer bottle from some fan. Steve Corino used the ring post to break the bottle in hopes of stabbing Colt. In one of the most disturbing sights in ROH history, Corino jabbed the top of Colt’s head with the broken bottle! Cabana was bleeding like a stuck pig. Corino had flashes of The Original Sheik and Abdullah The Butcher going through him as he gouged a fork across Cabana’s cut face. Steen tried to top the crotch crunching by licking the blood from Cabana’s forehead. Seemingly, Steen’s sick display fired up Cabana because he started knocking Steve Corino around like a ping-pong. Steen stopped Cabana’s momentum by slamming him on the pile of chairs Corino tossed in earlier. Steen wanted to moonsault on top of the prone Cabana. Before “Mr. Wrestling” could gain his footing, Generico entered the ring, shoving Steen from the top rope, through the tables at ringside!

Generico wound back, cracking Corino three times with a chair. The crowd was completely behind Generico as he pulled a ladder from underneath the ring. Using the top of the ladder, Generico cracked Corino in his now bleeding face. Tossing the ladder on top of Steen the corner allowed Cabana to execute the Flying Apple with more force, and danger than ever. Generico followed up on his partner’s attack by yakuza kicking the ladder against Steen. Generico turned around, finding Corino coming after him. Generico caught the incoming Steve Corino, belly-to-belly suplexing him into the ladder. Steen had the crimson flowing after that yakuza kick. Cabana helped Generico hit the coast-to-coast somersault dropkick Corino while Cabana held the ladder in front of Corino’s face. Just before Generico could gain the elementary three count, Steen yanked his old partner out of the ring; power bombing Generico across the side of the ring. Steen yelled at Generico, “How does it feel?” Hey Steen, don’t be stealin’ Nana’s lines.

When Generico spit on Steen in response of his disrespect, Steen broke a chair over his head. Steen ordered Corino to superplex Generico on the chair. Corino followed Steen’s command after Steen used a spine buster on the intervening Cabana across the ladder. Somehow, Generico kicked out of Steen’s follow up pin after the superplex. A vehement Steen decided to take this match up a notch by grabbing a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire from underneath the ring. Cabana kicked the bat out of Corino’s hands before swinging into a chair Corino had as a shield. Steen stopped Cabana’s comeback with a low blow. Unbeknownst to Steen, Generico was back up, and grabbed the bat before “Mr. Wrestling” could Package Piledrive Colt on it. Generico cracked Steen in the back with the barbed bat. Two half nelson suplexes sent Steen to the floor so Generico could dive on top of him. Generico reentered the ring as Cabana held Corino in the Billy Goat’s Curse. Generico placed the bat underneath Corino’s bloody face so he could con-chair-to Steve’s face into the bat. The referee had no choice but to stop the match when he realized Corino was unconscious.


Winner: Colt Cabana & El Generico (20:00)


Is It A Classic: Steerino’s downfall didn’t come from strategy, but Corino’s inability to survive one of the sickest finishes in ROH history. The match was everything you’d expect and then some; and a great way to continue what would become one of the greatest feuds & storylines in ROH history.

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