Kevin Steen vs. Brian Cage

Background: Following the previous event “DDT4”, PWG World Heavyweight champion Kevin Steen issued an open challenge that was answered by former WWE developmental talent, current Lucha Underground competitor and a man seemingly made out of granite in Brian Cage.


Death to All But Metal

Reseda, CA

May 25, 2012


Kevin Steen vs. Brian Cage


Kevin Steen vs Brian Cage PWG


The champ knew he was in trouble during the first collar & elbow. Cage easily shoved the 250 pound-plus “Mr. Wrestling” around the ring. The fans watched as Kevin Steen tried to trick Cage into feeling a shoulder block, but the massive arms and pectoral muscles of the challenger sent Steen scurrying to the floor. Vocally believing in himself, Steen motioned for the test of strength. The end result was Cage muscling the champion onto his knees. Realizing his couldn’t head-butt his way out of the situation thanks to Cage’s steel-like abs, bit his way out of the predicament. Steen hit the ropes, running into a big body slam that was topped by a pair of neck breakers. The fans wanted to see Cage suplex the large champion, only for Steen to turn the tides. Putting Cage in position for the cannonball splash in the corner, Steen attained a heckler. The conversation resulted in Steen getting his face bashed against the ring’s edge. The champ responded in kind before sending the challenger face, left arm, and back first against the steel ring post. Brian Cage was thrown into the ring, bleeding from the mouth.

Trying to forearm his way off the mat, Cage put himself in position for that running senton splash. It seemed that any time Steen’s fist touched Cage’s incredibly ripped body, the intended attack hurt the champion just as much as the victim. Taking time to jaw with a crotch-chopping fan, Steen got dumped to the floor for Cage’s incredible somersault plancha. Cage refused to let up, utilizing a lionsault before going for that superplex off the apron. The champ had enough strength and leverage to not only block the attack, but also suplex Cage across the apron … for a near fall!

Kevin Steen seemed a little dazed when he went to scale the ropes for his Swanton Bomb. Getting his knees up was Brian Cage to stop the descending body from knocking the wind out of him. Hobbling to his feet, Cage hoisted the champion up for a big neck breaker to gain a close two count. With the fans rallying behind the challenger, Cage went for that apron superplex again. This time, Cage was successful. Looking for his patented Discus Lariat was Brian Cage. Steen ducked the first swing, but not the second … for a near fall!

Using Cage’s lateral press positioning against him, Steen swept Cage into a crucifix pinning predicament before Brian could get off the mat. Surprised, Cage couldn’t kick out before the three count.


Winner: Kevin Steen (16:34)


Is It A Classic: Very hard not to recommend this type of match thanks to Steen’s comedy alone. The fans were eating up everything he did – from arguing with hecklers to discovering the solidity of Cage’s body. On the other end of the spectrum was Brian Cage working like a true machine. The fans dug every display of power and were showing signs of believing a new champion was about to be crowned during the match’s closing moments. While not a true classic, per say, this is a very enjoyable match that deserves to be seen.

(Note: Brian Cage contacted me shortly after the review was posted to inform me that he wrestled this match with a broken nose he suffered from the weekend before and Kevin Steen had a concussion. His tweet just reinforced the fact every wrestler gives of themselves more than we could ever imagine just for our enjoyment; and for that I say, “Thank you.”

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