Life Lesson From Booker T. – Part Two

Save the drama for yo’ mama! 


Booker T Drama


In the mid-1990s, a phrase became popular among people sick of hearing sob stories and individuals wanting a shoulder to cry on. A few years late would see WCW World champion Booker T. use the once-popular saying to become one of his catchphrases – “Save the drama for yo’ mama!”

Booker T. watched for years in World Championship Wrestling as people created problems, talked and even whined their way to the top of the card while he was stuck low to middle of the card as a straight-laced workhorse. Booker would eventually make a dash to the top of the card, becoming the company’s champion. During his reign, Booker wanted to instill a certain level of manhood to a title that had been trivialized and turned into a joke thanks to certain title victories. Add that to the fact people like Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner were throwing their clouts around in hopes of taking Booker’s spot rather than work hard like he did. Booker didn’t care about the drama leading to title matches, he just wanted to be a champion’s champion and his fellow wrestlers to follow suit.

So if you want to start drama or like to ease your way to the top, save it for your mother if you can. Men and wrestlers like Booker T. just don’t take kindly to drama; especially when you’re coming after him and his World title.

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