Lesson From Bret Hart

“Who are you to doubt El Dandy?”


Many of you reading this might not know whom El Dandy is. Actually, I barely know who El Dandy is. But I do know that he’s a great technical wrestler, and a jam up guy. And the reason I know this is because of Bret Hart. During an episode of WCW “Nitro” alongside “Mean” Gene Okerlund, Hart decided to give El Dandy a U.S. title shot even though he’d done anything of note in WCW. When Okerlund questioned Bret about his decision in a very rude manner, Bret asked, “Mean” Gene, “Who are you to doubt El Dandy?”

Since then, Hart’s quote has become infamously connected to Dandy’s claims of Amy “Lita” Dumas being a woman of little virtue. But for me, the line is used for any time someone doesn’t believe me; and now you can implement this question into your everyday life as well. When someone doesn’t trust your statement, look at them square in the eyes with a smirk on your face and ask them, “Who are you to doubt El Dandy?”

I guarantee you he or she won’t have a response for one of the most epic questions ever posed on a wrestling program.

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