Lesson From Carlito

Spit in the face of people who don’t want cool




In 2004, the wrestling world was formally introduced to a man of style; a man of class; a man of unadulterated coolness. While walking the sandy beaches of the Caribbean, this man sporting a small afro and carrying an apple explained to the viewing audience that not only was he cool, but he also knew who was or wasn’t trying to be cool. This man was Carlito Caribbean Cool.

Whenever Carlito would see someone who either wasn’t cool or refusing to reach the coolness of Carlito, Triple C would take a huge bite out of his favorite fruit. Taking several seconds to thoroughly chew this piece of apple, Carlito would eventually spit the residue in the non-cool person’s face. Why? Because being cool like Carlito is something everyone should aspire for. Sadly, Carlito never realized that not everyone could be as cool at him; so that meant a lot of faces were covered in the mixture of cool spit and chewed apple. And it also saw Carlito’s face feel the power of someone’s fist on more than one occasion.

If you’re as cool as Carlito be on the lookout for people not as cool as you. It’s your obligation to spit in their faces to condemn them for not trying to be cool. You might get assaulted, but at least you know you’re as cool as Carlito.

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