Lesson From Curt Hennig

“Nobody beats Mr. Perfect … nobody!” – Curt Hennig


In wrestling, the phrase “it factor” is used to describe someone who has all the tools and a special, unteachable intangible that makes him or her stand out from the rest and become a star. Curt Hennig was a great example of the perfect wrestler. GQ Magazine appearance, impeccable microphone skills, and, most importantly, an exceptional in-ring ability, Curt Hennig reentered the WWF in 1988 with an aura of perfection. It wasn’t shocking that Hennig dubbed himself “Mr. Perfect” after proving himself to be just that perfect – not only in the ring, on the microphone, or on an eight-by-ten photo, but also through other forms of sporting ventures.

Future Baseball Hall of Famer Wade Boggs learned the perfect swing of a baseball bat from Hennig. Footballer Steve Jordan learned how to catch his own Hail Mary pass thanks to Hennig. No matter what situation you put him in Curt Hennig was perfect. In a WWF ring, nobody could beat Mr. Perfect … until he ran into Hulk Hogan almost year and a half after his return to the company. Okay, maybe someone could beat Mr. Perfect, but it took a man of almost superhuman strength who had the support of ton of fans to do so. How many of us can say we have any of those qualities? Nobody!

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