Lesson From Diamond Dallas Page

Stalking someone’s wife, filming it, and showing it to the world won’t get you arrested, but you will be assaulted


DDP Stalker


World Championship Wrestling’s “People’s Champion” Diamond Dallas Page decided to pull a 180 degree character change when he planned his World Wrestling Federation debut. Rather than enter a WWF ring as “Mr. Bada Bing, Bada Bang”, DDP started stalking The Undertaker and his then-wife, Sara. Well, no one knew it was Page originally since he, like many stalkers before him, shrouded himself in secrecy while narrating his disturbing actions.

Page eventually revealed himself as The Undertaker’s stalker, stating that the reason for his devious actions wasn’t thanks to his physical attraction to Sara, but his need to make an immediate impact in the company. Who better to make an enemy of than the company’s longest tenured wrestler? Okay, maybe making an enemy of The Undertaker wasn’t a good idea in the long run.

Rather than get DDP arrested, The Undertaker opted to unleash his own brand of justice in the squared circle. Page, who had beaten some of the best wrestlers the world had to offer under normal circumstances, was constantly beaten to a pulp by the vengeful “Demon From Death Valley”. Even Page’s best friend and tag team partner Kanyon became a recipient of The Undertaker’s anger.

If you want to stalk someone to prove a point, don’t expect to simply be arrested and get out on bail to walk the streets as a potential pervert. If you anger someone like The Undertaker, the police will be the least of your worries.

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