Lesson From Kurt Angle

Always Live By the Three Is (Intensity, Integrity, and Intelligence)




Late in 1999, the 1996 Olympic gold medallist in wrestling Kurt Angle had transitioned into the realm of professional wrestling and made his debut in the World Wrestling Federation. Cut from the same clothe as former Heavyweight Bob Backlund during Backlund’s first title reign, Angle was a man of dignity trying to instill his positive traits on the viewing audience. Kurt Angle broke his lifestyle and ability to win down to one phrase: “the three Is – Intensity, Integrity, and Intelligence.”

Now to really understand what Kurt Angle was preaching, one must define each I. “Intensity” is an extreme degree of strength, force, energy, or feeling. The quality of being honest and fair is “integrity”. And “intelligence” is the ability to learn or understand things or to deal with new or difficult situations. That was and still is Kurt Angle through and through. Less than a year after making his WWF debut, Kurt Angle was the WWF champion. And it wasn’t the first time Angle walked away from a wrestling ring with a title belt in his possession (and not even in the same company).

So if you want to change your mentally and work toward the lifestyle of a champion, be like Kurt Angle and live by the three Is.

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