Wrestling Life Lesson From Goldberg

Putting a blonde wig on a tough guy, ex-football player turned wrestler won’t end with you being hurt.


Goldberg Wig


In 1997, former NFL player Bill Goldberg made his wrestling debut for World Championship Wrestling. For the next four and a half years, Goldberg was a growling, snorting, spearing, jackhammer giving, insurmountable force in the company. When WCW was bought by WWF/WWE in 2001, Goldberg sat on the sidelines for another two years before signing with the top wrestling promotion in the world. Not long after his WWE debut, Goldberg encountered “The Bizarre One”, Goldust – who was claiming to be a long lost relative. Rather than kick Goldust’s butt and toss him out of the locker room, Goldberg humored his fellow WWE Superstar when introducing himself before Goldust offered him something – a blonde wig.

Now, being the person Goldberg is, you’d expect him to either throw the wig in Goldust’s face, spear him through the door he came through, or both. Instead, Goldberg politely took off the wig after Goldust put it on him and simply left him with a warning. No spear. No jackhammer. Nothing but a pat on the shoulder and a, “Don’t do that again.”

So, don’t be fearful of a guy like Goldberg when it comes to giving him a wig. He won’t hurt you, but he will give you an image you’ll never forget in the process.

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