Lesson From Hornswoggle

Underneath wrestling rings exist societies inhabited by little people/leprechauns




In 2006, a little person made his presence known on an episode of World Wrestling Entertainment’s “Smackdown”. While it wasn’t unusual to see little person in or around a wrestling ring, to see one appear from underneath the ring like a troll didn’t come across as “normal” in the wacky world of pro wrestling. This little person – Hornswoggle – would eventually break away from the man who trained and, most importantly, fathered him – Finlay – before blazing his own path.

Though Hornswoggle would become a champion, learn to speak English after spending years talking in leprechaun gibberish, and even steal a few kisses from the beautiful WWE Divas, the little man who lived under the ring still had hopes and dreams of being a part of the once-renegade group known as D-Generation X. DX founding fathers Triple H and Shawn Michaels really didn’t take kindly to Hornswoggle trying to become a part of their faction; citing gimmick infringement. Not one to have his name sullied, Hornswoggle sued Triple H and Michaels for their continued mental abuse on him. The site of this potential case? Little People’s Court.

Little People's Court

Come to find out, Hornswoggle didn’t just go under the ring to wait for his opportunity to showcase his talents. In reality, underneath the ring existed a world full of little people; including the courtroom DX would eventually fail to defend themselves against Hornswoggle’s claim of abuse.

So if you’ve ever wondered what’s under a wrestling ring other than the plunder of chairs, tables, ladders, and trashcans used during No Disqualification matches, know that beneath it all is a group of little people and leprechauns who have no qualms of suing you.

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